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What does loss of erection during intercourse mean?

A sexual problem linked to a dysfunction is always a great discomfort for the couple, but above all for the man, who feels emotionally tried and suffers a significant psychological impact.

Whether the causes are physical or emotional, we must intervene without fear.

Never ignore the problem! There is only a risk of aggravating the situation and generating more consequences also in the management of one's social life.

But why does erectile dysfunction occur? What are the causes? Are there any solutions?

Let's try together to analyze the problem starting from the root, investigating the causes and identifying possible natural remedies to be applied in one's daily life.

Loss of erection during intercourse what it means and consequences

When we talk about erectile dysfunction we immediately think of a physical problem that necessarily requires medical attention. Almost as if it concerned a physical conformation to be corrected.

Yet in most cases, both the triggers and the solutions are to be found in the emotional sphere and it is there that action must be taken to "cure" the problem.

Loss of erection can occur shortly before or even during intercourse. It results in the inability to maintain an erection due to restricted blood supply which prevents normal sexual functioning.

If it happens in sporadic cases it can be a sign of particular emotional stress and there's no reason to make a drama out of it (even if the situation at the moment is embarrassing and creates discomfort!).

However, when the cases begin to become more frequent, it is advisable to stop pretending nothing has happened and ask yourself questions.

Consulting your doctor, asking your friends for an opinion, getting information on the web: these are the first things that come to mind when a problem of this type occurs.

And if the solution was instead around the corner? Sometimes the loss of erection can be solved even with a few simple precautions to be implemented day after day.

But not before identifying the causes. So let's focus on the possible reasons that generate the dysfunction.

Loss of erection during intercourse: psychological causes

As anticipated, in many cases the problem is psychological in nature. Thoroughly investigating the reasons that cause the loss of erection is not only the doctor's task, but above all those directly involved, the only ones who know each other well and know what's on their mind.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is certainly the most common: during intercourse, the mind wanders and focuses on one's performance, developing an excessive state of anxiety. The man worries about the success of his performance and worries about not being able to satisfy his partner.

These mental yearnings lead him to lose his erection and consequently to make all his worst predictions self-fulfill. 

The reason? Naturally everything depends on the dominant emotion at that moment which is no longer sexual desire but the worry of not being up to it. 

What to do? You don't need to go to a psychotherapist right away! You just have to control yourself and focus on the relationship to get the desired results.

But there are other emotional factors as well that can harm the ongoing erection. Here are the most important ones in this list.

Emotional and physical stress

A family problem, an unfulfilled goal, too tiring work: there are many reasons that generate stressful situations in humans.

Even a difficult relationship with your partner can be the trigger for problems that are reflected in the sexual sphere. 

loss of erection during intercourse what does it mean

Stress and anxiety are two different emotions, but they need to be treated the same way. Do you know the saying “unplug”?

Well, it's the ideal solution to temporarily get away from all sorts of problems and focus on the moment to live it fully and without "unforeseen setbacks".

Furthermore, stress and lack of erection cause shame and fear of discussing the subject with anyone. But this is only the beginning of a vicious circle that will produce more and more stress and anxiety until we are forced to talk to someone about it and find immediate and effective solutions. 

Loss of erection during intercourse: physical causes

There are also cases in which the emotional aspect is only a consequence of the problem, which however has physical roots.

Prostate problems, hypertension or even diabetes: various more or less serious diseases can also create discomfort in sexuality including loss of erection during intercourse. 

Here it is a must to speak immediately to the doctor who will immediately direct you towards a functional therapy after the necessary investigations of the case, to make a precise diagnosis.

In fact, the doctor could identify the problem in the decrease in testosterone (very common especially with age) and act directly on this factor to solve the problem and therefore without resorting to specific therapy.

How to help a man maintain an erection

The delicate situation of the man who identifies with the loss of erection during intercourse has various outlets in terms of resolution.

Shock therapy, often done independently by doing a correct introspection, is the easiest way. You have to give space to your positive thoughts, abandon doubts and fears during the relationship, enjoy the moment without thinking about anything.

Pharmacological therapy is only necessary if the problem is physical and is prescribed exclusively by the attending physician.

And then there are the so-called natural remedies that can help a lot to solve and improve performance without external interventions.

Which? Here are two effective aids to give your sexuality a boost.

Natural sex supplements

Over the counter products and without a prescription, the supplements aimed at assisting sexual life are natural to 100% and have no contraindications. 

They are born with all-vegetable formulations and act on the problem even in the long term. But be careful not to confuse them with Viagra e Cialis! In these cases we are no longer in the category of supplements but we are talking about drugs for which it is preferable to have a medical opinion before starting a treatment.

Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods are not an urban legend, but they really exist!

Their power is not to stimulate the sexual organs, but to increase sexual and hormonal efficiency, giving more energy, speeding up the heart rate and even producing more testosterone.

Curious to know the most aphrodisiacs? Here is a list not to be underestimated to give a plus to sexual intercourse.

  • Chocolate
  • Asparagus
  • Seafood, especially oysters
  • Caviar
  • Blue fish
  • Avocado
  • Berries
  • Spices
  • Ginseng
  • Chili
  • Garlic
  • Truffle
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Strawberries

Combined with drinks such as champagne or a glass of red wine they can be the prelude to a romantic evening where you focus only on your partner and above all where loss of erection is not an accepted option.

Now that you know the causes and solutions, natural, psychological and even to bring to the table, you are already in the right direction to get an unexpected improvement and leave behind the annoying problem of loss of erection during intercourse.