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The revelation in the world of healthy drinks has a new face: it is Lombucha, the revolutionary drink that everyone wants to try because it is famous for offering countless benefits.

After having listed its properties and having understood the reason for its fame, we also need to understand where we can buy it? Kombucha: at the supermarket or in online stores?

Let's find out the simplest and easiest ways to purchase to be able to have this healthy drink at home with a surprising taste.

Drinking Kombucha at tea time

What do we know about Kombucha? By making an accurate analysis or a few questions to friends and family, we immediately realize that many still haven't had the pleasure of discovering this drink with oriental contours. Even its name raises some doubts: do you say Kombucha or Kombucha? Many even get the written form wrong and when they look for it on the web to find out more they write in the "Cambucia" search engine.

But why this confusion? In reality, the reason is to be found in its origin which already took place many centuries ago, but far from here. We in the West have recently discovered it and those who hear about it for the first time are fascinated by it but find it hard to memorize the name and correct pronunciation.

However, what is clear to everyone is that it is perfect to drink at tea time! In fact, Kombucha is a refreshing drink that is made directly from green or black tea infusions. Unlike the latter, however, it has regenerative properties for our body and gives considerable energy resources. 

supermarket kombucha


It is also prepared in a completely different way: infusions and sugars serve as a base, but then the action of the scoby takes over (a sort of mother yeast) which activates the fermentation process. 

The ingredients and properties of Kombucha

The basic ingredient for making the healthy drink whose characteristics we are describing is called scoby, a gelatinous and mushy disk with a light brown color. Specifically, it is a set of bacteria and yeasts that can reproduce if treated with care and then be used in many preparations of Kombucha. 

Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast - this is the full name. It acts when it comes into contact with sweetened tea and the fermentation it gives rise to can last from two weeks onwards. It all depends on the result you want and the type of sparkling drink you are looking for.

Why buy Kombucha? The answer is not unique, so let its benefits that it gives the body in a few sips speak for themselves:

  • facilitates digestion;
  • purifies from toxins;
  • it is energetic;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • makes you lose weight;
  • prevents heart disease;
  • produces probiotics;
  • improves irritable bowel syndrome;
  • it is antioxidant;
  • lowers cholesterol levels.

Its incredible properties make it one of the zero sugar drinks most loved. So let's try to understand where to buy it to consume it every day even at home. 

Do they sell Kombucha at the supermarket?

After discovering its benefits and taste, many went to the supermarket to buy it but were disappointed. The question about Kombucha is therefore inevitable: do they really sell it in the supermarket?

Yes and no: the drink is not yet available in all supermarkets in our area. To find it in the dedicated department you have to go to the bigger chains, specialized in different products and which have a greater assortment. But don't worry: among soft drinks it is becoming an icon and more and more retailers are gradually becoming aware of it and are taking steps to offer it to their customers. 

Someone already puts it on flyers to promote it and make it known to those who haven't had the chance to taste it yet. 

What you still can't find in the supermarket is the do-it-yourself kit for making kombucha at home. For home preparations, it will be necessary to go elsewhere, thus choosing online stores or infusion and tea retailers who are gearing up to offer the wide range of Kombucha to those who decide to buy it.

Kombucha DIY kit: where to find it? In online stores! 

If your supermarket search yielded no results, turn on your computer and trust Google!

There are now many authorized dealers directly on the web that allow you to make the purchase from the comfort of your home. You can search in the marketplaces or in specific ecommerce.

You will be surprised by the range of products in front of you: classic kombucha, kits for home preparations and even scoby to grow at home. But if you choose this option you must be very careful.

The scoby is resold, but often lacks accurate instructions on its growth, which are instead essential to prevent it from spoiling and therefore could then cause contraindications during the preparation of Kombucha.

There are two risks: that it does not activate the fermentation process or that it deteriorates and therefore can alter the quality of the drink, which could be toxic to humans.

So when you buy online, pay attention to the details included in the package and make sure you have not only everything you need but also the instructions so as not to make mistakes and follow each stage of the creation step by step.

Always choose authorized dealers!

One last piece of advice for those of you who have decided to buy Kombucha is to go to authorized dealers.

We have talked about online stores, but there are also many shops in the city that are well stocked (both herbal shops and shops dedicated to the sale of tea).

Inside them you can buy the drink already bottled, also available in various flavors to please everyone. You will find different varieties of green and black tea infusions to make Kombucha at home.

You will also find an expert person at your disposal for advice, ideas and help in choosing. The difference between a virtual store and a physical store is precisely this: human contact and the possibility of speaking immediately with someone expressing doubts and perplexities before venturing into the home preparation of Kombucha. 

Alternatively, the chat service is often available in web shops: it can be a good solution to get help and not improvise! 

Because the main rule of Kombucha is to be able to drink it without risk and improvisation is not allowed at all!