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What to do about stress? When yoga and meditation alone can't bring your smile back and give you that feeling of well-being we all aspire to, you also need to find alternative ways to get rid of the anxieties that make you feel bad both emotionally and physically.

Did you know that there are natural supplements for anxiety and stress? Today we want to tell you about their advantages in everyday life. But that's not all: we will also make a special ranking of the 5 best products that can improve the quality of life in a few simple steps.

Why resort to supplements against stress

The hectic life we usually lead, problems at home and at work and daily worries often create anxiolytic forms that have repercussions not only in mood but in all spheres, from social to emotional.

Anger, mental tiredness, poor concentration and a strong tension: these are the consequences of anxiety and stress. But there is a simple and non-invasive way to deal with the problem, which can be solved easily with the use of proper natural supplements.

natural supplements for anxiety and stress

We are already used to considering natural supplements good allies to help us in various ways, for example to facilitate the production of specific hormones, to improve skin health or to improve cognitive functions. And there are also those that naturally counteract anxiety and stress. But be careful: they must only have elements that derive from nature at 100% in order not to have harmful effects on health but to do their job well.

Formulating a good anti-anxiety supplement

Situations of high stress and anxiety are bad for humans not only because they cause emotional distress, but also because they affect health, causing headaches, high blood pressure, depression and insomnia.

So smiling again becomes a need! So why not try natural supplements for anxiety and stress? To be effective they must contain certain precise components. Here are the most important:

  • L-theanine has a relaxing effect improving concentration, memory and fights sleep disorders.
  • Melatonin, helps regulate sleep-wake rhythm. 
  • Rhodiola, counteracts chronic stress.
  • Valerian has a strong calming effect and is also used to treat depressive states.
  • Chamomile, with soothing and relaxing effects, ideal against stress.
  • Lemon balm and hawthorn promote sleep and emotional well-being by eliminating mental tiredness.
  • Ginkgo Biloba, improves attention, memory and even mood .

But what are the best supplements that can do for you? Let's try to make a top five that describes them both in terms of functionality and composition.

Natural supplements for anxiety and stress: top five

The substances described above, in more or less high concentrations, allow to reduce both anxiety and stress through the intake of specific supplements. 

Let's see together the 5 best supplements currently on the market.

  1. Vitavi Ease, relaxation and mental well-being

It is a supplement that normalizes mood, relaxes from states of perennial nervousness and produces energy thanks to the contribution of magnesium and vitamin B6. The capsules contained in each package contain lemon balm and saffron and fight all forms of anxiety.  

Vitavi ease is suitable for everyone, even for those who follow a vegan diet, and has no contraindications because it is made with plant extracts, vitamins and mineral salts. To these is added tryptophan which is specific for acting directly on mood.

  1. Salugea, Relax your mind

Salugea Relax Mind is a natural 100% stress and anxiety supplement. Its strength is to calm anxious states without causing drowsiness or energy drops. Its goal is to relax the mind, as the name suggests, and promote well-being and good humor. 

Enriched with lemon balm and hawthorn, it is ideal for those who are always on the move and lead a hectic life that inevitably generates stress. Its formulation is specifically designed to calm tensions and agitations, acting directly on the central nervous system.

  1. Zaff10, Lins Supplements

The plant-based anxiolytic supplement Zaff10 bases its relaxing action mainly on saffron, to rediscover calm and serenity, as well as a good mood. However, emotional balance is also stimulated by its other all-natural components, including Ginkgo Biloba and Rhodiola.

Furthermore, the energetic action carried out by vitamin C and magnesium should not be underestimated, which help to face any situation with more determination and regain mental peace.

  1. Valdispert Stress & focus

Valdispert is one of the best natural supplements for anxiety and stress. These are raspberry-flavored gummy candies that can be taken with meals. Based on the action of rhodiola, it helps fight physical and mental tiredness and promotes concentration and calm.

It reduces stress, has no side effects and can be taken at any time because it is also good for you thanks to the vitamin intake which contributes to normal physiological function. 

  1. Zzzquil nature

Enriched with melatonin, Zzzquil is a guarantee against disorders related to anxiety, tension and even insomnia. Its natural composition made with plant extracts of lavender, chamomile and valerian make it an excellent supplement for relaxation. 

zzzquil reviews

Zzzquil natura has the dual purpose of promoting sleep and wakefulness, but it also allows you to feel energetic and active already in the morning. Increases moods related to good humor and positivity, promotes concentration and also has positive influences on physical performance. 

Are natural supplements for anxiety and stress effective?

Deciding to take supplements such as those just mentioned, or in any case with substances aimed at the same objective, is crucial in the fight against anxiety and stress. But they may not be enough by themselves.

Therefore it is necessary to associate them with a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and constant motor activity. Furthermore, if you want to act with more impact, it is recommended to intervene with other activities that promote emotional well-being, such as relaxing exercises for the mind and body.

Naturally everyone has specific needs, but in principle we have compiled a ranking of supplements that can be suitable for everyone. In case of chronic anxiety and permanent stress which also generates repercussions on the psychic and physical level, it is always better to consult a doctor to make a more accurate analysis of the problem and find even more targeted solutions.