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Many of you probably know Food Spring thanks to the Instagram stories of our favorite influencers. In fact, the German brand specializing in nutrition has always chosen to promote its products (also) through the Meta platform, using influencer marketing to better reach its target.

Mission definitely accomplished, we must add. Indeed, who does not know caramel bars or protein pancakes? And who hasn't succumbed to spreadable creams, the most delicious answer to the question "How to take FoodSpring proteins?". That's right, nobody.

We are sure, therefore, that sooner or later you will all have asked yourself the same questions: from "do you spell fod spring or food springs" to "where do I find a foodspring discount code?", but above all: where to find information on foodspring Italy?

But here, of course! In this short guide we will tell you everything, absolutely everything, about foodspring. From its story to the reviews: all you have to do is sit back and read!

Foodspring Protein rave reviews for a brand with a solid history behind it

Foodspring was born in Germany from the will of its founders to take the world of sports nutrition to another level. As? By introducing a variety and quantity of products that have never been seen before. Not alone anymore protein powder to add to smoothies or yogurt, but real preparations for delicious recipes, biscuits, spreadable creams, in short, everything you need to fill the pantry. And more snack bars, biscuits and muesli. The writer may or may not be munching on something right now.

foodspring: reviews

Not just quantity, however: the proteins, of animal origin, come from the international company Fonterra, leader in the dairy sector, and pioneer in grass fed breeding. In fact, all cows spend 90% of their time in the fields, and 85% of their diet is made up of grass.

And finally, the taste factor. Even those who tended to choose only chocolate and vanilla proteins were impressed: from coconut to strawberry, passing through neutral proteins, but also banana, hazelnut, caramel, biscuits and cream, and even coffee (and we are sure we have left out some), all flavors that attract attention and, above all, satisfy the palate.

In short, a wide choice, variety of tastes and product quality are the key elements of Foodspring's success. But let's analyze the products in more detail.

Foodspring: reviews and opinions at first taste

When you buy a Foodspring product, even before you taste it there is one thing that immediately catches your eye, namely the packaging. Demonstrating a decidedly lack of attention towards the direction that the fitness world is taking – ouch ouch: definitely not a good thing, since they work in this sector! – companies that produce proteins continue undaunted to offer packaging and graphics suitable for a single target which can be summarized as: bodybuilder who at home has only a liter of milk and a blender.

Nothing against them, of course, but it is a fact that the world of fitness, including the field of nutrition, has definitely expanded, and now practically everyone is taking proteins. The fact that Foodspring, with its packaging and its 'normal' pantry graphics, has understood this, is already in itself a first demonstration of how the company actually has a vision focused on what it does, namely supplying nutritionally effective foods to sportsmen. It's not a trivial matter.

Sweet fragrances, recyclable cardboard packaging and dosages that take up less space in the cupboard – because there are sportsmen who don't live on proteins alone – are therefore the first point in favor. However, this does not mean having to constantly refuel. A box of protein, for example, contains 30 servings (nutritionally: 22.9 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 2.3 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.54 grams of salt. Protein powders are flavored with stevia natural.)

Coming to the ingredients, and always remaining on the subject of protein powder, we find the 45% of isolated milk proteins and the 43.4% of concentrated proteins. Flavoring, 4% of coconut powder (fruit, chocolate, etc.), sweetener, salt and emulsifier. The packaging warns that they may contain traces of soy, eggs and gluten, making them unsuitable for allergy sufferers.

We are also made aware of some possible uses: water, milk or vegetable milk, with the proviso that they mix well – you understand, victims of lumps? -. The good news is that it's true, unlike some other protein powders that need to be rushed to the blender.

Foodspring's recipe

Foodspring seems to put usability first. In fact, in addition to everything we have already listed, one of its strengths is the conceptual paths.

Any examples? First of all, Smart Cooking, i.e. offering real sets with mixes of protein-rich ingredients, to create meals from scratch that are not only healthy, but also quick and easy to prepare. Their motto is: benefits, ingredients, simplicity, flavour. What does it mean? That each recipe must first of all be useful for its purpose (providing proteins) and of high quality, possibly coming from every area of the world that produces that ingredient at its best. For example, coconut and Goji berries come from the Philippines and China, leading countries in their production, capable of providing unique know-how.

And at the same time, the sets must be easy to prepare and good to eat. Because it's simply the most effective way to make a product effective. The world of cosmetics knows it well: a pleasant cream to spread will have a better performance not only for its active ingredients, but also because people will tend to use it more often. The same goes for food: offering bars and pancakes will help keep up with protein consumption only if they are good to eat and easy to prepare.

Set your own goals

Not sure which products Foodspring do they suit you? Know that the company has also thought of this, even offering you a quiz to understand which workouts you need and, above all, your nutritional needs, which you will already find conveniently divided into categories and for specific needs.

For example, for those who want to develop their muscles, you can try:

  • Basic Muscle Development: designed for those who are just starting out and want to see results quickly;
  • Muscle Building Pro: for those who are already trained and need an extra boost for growth and definition.

And for weight loss? Shape Pack Basic and Shape Pack Pro, two kits with specific products to boost toning and remodeling by increasing lean mass and reducing fat mass.

And that's not all, because Foodspring also offers a Super Breakfast package, with all the products dedicated to this meal, from pancakes to biscuits through to spreadable creams, and the simpler Breakfast Bowl package, with which to create an excellent protein bowl. And finally, the Vegan Sports Pack for muscle strengthening for athletes who follow a vegan diet.

Try Foodspring, from palate satisfaction to price, everything you need to know

Now we come to what you really wanted to know: what is it like to use Foodspring?

Well, first of all, we must necessarily start from the palate, because it is the first contact with proteins and also, let's face it, what can make us give up on continuing to take them. In general it must be said that it is not like drinking milk and Nesquik. You can feel that it is a protein food, especially in the aftertaste. But it is an aftertaste that you quickly get used to. Also, and this is something to appreciate, Foodspring doesn't dull flavors by adding too much sweetener like some other brands do.

This goes for all tastes, including the sweetest ones like chocolate + peanut butter. In general it seems that Foodspring is aimed at those who tend towards healthy eating and appreciate natural flavours, preferring those in which sugar is not the master. Plus, it's definitely tastier than any other similar product on the market.

Then we come to ease of use: all packages are designed to be practical. Protein shakes, for example, make your life easier when it comes to adding exactly the dose you need, and as we said, they're totally lump-free, which also earns them extra points for speed of preparation. Moreover, with every order you receive a shaker as a gift, which also makes them perfect for when you take them at the office or at the gym.

But it works? This is a difficult question to answer, since the results depend on the combination of diet and training. All those who have tried Foodsprings after using other brands, however, praise its effectiveness. Probably thanks to the fact that we tend to make a more meticulous use of it. Note of demerit instead for the protein content, which is slightly below average.

And this brings us to the last point: is Foodspring worth it? The answer is yes. The value for money, net of what we have said about the protein content, is excellent. And it becomes even more so if we analyze aspects such as the flavor and quality of the ingredients. In short, from this point of view Foodspring is definitely a bargain.

Some Foodsprings top sellers you won't be able to do without

By now we've told you over and over again: Foodspring is a champion of variety. And you can easily find out by looking at how many and how different its products are. Any examples?

Coconut oil MCTs

An organic coconut oil made from ripe nuts, hand-picked and processed within an hour of harvesting to preserve their freshness (which is why the pulp is cold pressed). The product is not refined or added with flavourings, and is rich in MCT fatty acids. To be used in salads but also for cooking, and has antibacterial properties that are also ideal for topical use.

Instant Oats: instant oatmeal

An oatmeal to prepare by mixing it with yoghurt, pancakes or protein shake, made with 100% organic oats, very finely ground. Source of natural energy, it is a carbohydrate which, in addition to supporting us, has an effective anti-inflammatory action.

Peanut Butter: the Peanut Butter from Foodspring

Probably the best known and most loved Foodspring product, each jar contains only organic 100% peanuts, naturally rich in protein and fiber, as well as precious polyunsaturated fatty acids. To spread on pancakes or eat with a spoon, or even spread on bread or to flavor a smoothie. The downside? It's definitely addictive.

And if you too have already fallen into the tunnel of irresistible Foodspring creams, then you will surely want to try the hazelnut Protein Cream, and the Protein Cream DUO, in which the hazelnut cream is mixed with whey proteins in a delicious duo with very low sugar content .


Here's a great way to go with peanut butter. Foodspring offers a dietary porridge, rich in proteins derived from both soy and milk. Each ingredient comes from organic farming. You can choose between vanilla, milk chocolate pieces, strawberries and currants, or even apples and cinnamon.

In addition, it can also be simply poured into cold water (mix 60 grams of porridge and 120 ml of water), for a really quick and tasty meal.

In the 'smart carbohydrates' category we also find gluten-free protein bread and the Protein Brownie. In both cases, these are preparations - all with natural and organic ingredients - which you just need to mix quickly and put in the oven (the instructions are on the package and are very simple to follow).

Foodspring discount codes and offers

We got to try various foodspring products and the quality is excellent! Even if there is no specific discount code, however, we have found all the offers available on the site for you and especially if you have never tried the brand, these discounted and single-serving offers give you the opportunity to try them.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a greater Foodpsring discount and you already know the brand and are ready to buy a promotional package, then they are right for you. There are discounts up to 30% on many Foodspring packages.

Foodspring reviews and our final verdict

After having – news duty! – having tried Foodspring products, we can finally give our final judgment.

Plus if you're following a low carb diet Foodspring has just what it takes with a vast selection of low carb products purchasable here.

Ease of use: 10. There is nothing as easy to prepare as Foodspring products, and no one has ever thought of so many ready-to-make recipes.

Taste: 9, definitely the best in the industry.

Effectiveness: 7.5, we could have some more protein.

Value for money: 7.5, see above.

The prosThe cons: 
1. For 30 grams of product there are 22.9 of proteins, and each package contains an average of 25 meals.   
2. A complimentary shaker with every order of protein powder  
3. The natural taste and the use of stevia (which is not too persistent).
4. Goodbye lumps.  
5. The website is full of useful information, there is pretty much everything you want to know. 
1. There are no awards or other recognitions on the site.