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The men's face cream represents the last frontier of skincare to hydrate, rejuvenate and keep men's skin always healthy and radiant.

If you thought that talking about creams was an exclusively female topic, you were very wrong! Today it is more than ever a universal problem that affects men and women without distinction. Indeed, if we really want to be honest, today there are more and more men who take care of their appearance and are looking for the best solutions to always appear in shape, toning the body and hydrating the skin.

This is why there are more and more facial skin creams on the market, each with a specific formulation for certain functions. What are they and how to choose them?

We want to help you find out how to best organize your beauty routine starting right from the basics. Are you ready to find out more? We are here to explore the subject with you.

Never again without men's face cream at home

Beauty is for everyone! Each of us should carve out some time a day to dedicate to personal care, including men. 

So in the bathroom cabinet there should not only be shaving cream, razor and aftershave, but also one or more jars of face cream, to be chosen according to the needs of your skin.

Protecting the dermis of the face is essential to fight the signs of aging and moisturize to reduce the stress associated with shaving which can generate dryness and cracking, but also to prevent any irritation.

In fact, there are several factors that can harm the skin of the male face, such as smog, anxiety, stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of rest and not doing a daily facial cleansing.

What happens to the skin when these factors influence? Unfortunately it tends to premature skin aging and the early formation of wrinkles.

Benefiting from a face cream is a real panacea, and if in addition to cleansing you also alternate moments in which scrubs and masks are used, you will see that the results become even more evident and in less time. 

The benefits of male skincare

We have talked about significant benefits: but what are they in essence and how are they obtained?

We have grouped them in this list:

  • To act against a rapid aging of the skin which leads to visible wrinkling especially at the level of the forehead.
  • Prevent episodes of dryness, which is a sign of stressed skin that is more easily irritated by the aforementioned factors and by shaving.
  • Moisturize to maintain toned, supple and luminous skin. 
  • Soothe any irritations, especially in more sensitive subjects.
  • Exfoliate to promote constant cell renewal.
  • Fighting acne, especially in younger people.
  • Protect from UV radiation which can weaken the dermis even during a walk on a sunny day.

The men's face cream is enriched with nourishing, moisturizing, soothing or exfoliating substances depending on the type purchased, but it also contains vitamins and other agents capable of restoring its beauty in a few very simple steps. But before understanding how to use it, it is advisable to understand which one to choose and on the basis of which criteria.

Types of cream: which one to choose?

face cream for men

The men's cosmetics to use for facial skin are now so varied that you are spoiled for choice. But this choice is decisive and it must not be made randomly. Awareness is needed, otherwise the results may not be the ones hoped for or even there is the risk of doing serious damage. This explains why not everyone can use the same cream.

If you have oily skin you should discard the oilier creams that could exacerbate your problem. If your skin is delicate you have to be careful what you apply because you risk reddening it with more aggressive products that are not suitable for you.

In short, watch what you buy! But don't worry, we're here to help you make no mistake and find your ally for beauty-proof skincare.

Moisturizing face cream

All face creams aim to moisturize. So if you are looking for a men's face cream and you don't specify anything else, the shop assistant will inevitably give you a moisturizer for normal skin. It's good for both kids and adults, and it has all the essential substances to nourish the skin. Among these, hyaluronic acid certainly stands out (excellent moisturizer with the dual function of protecting and toning), but also vitamins and minerals.

It can be used in the morning, after normal cleansing, or after shaving to refresh and soothe.

Anti wrinkle cream for men

More specific for adult skins is instead the anti wrinkle cream for men. It is a formulation created specifically to prevent the formation of wrinkles on the face and slow down skin aging. It can be used as a preventive remedy already around the age of 25, or become a skin ally to be used daily in an older age.

In both cases it makes the signs of aging less evident and keeps the skin younger. 

If the intention is to prevent, there are really the ideal creams for the very first wrinkles that slow down the process and keep the skin fresh for longer. 

Among the most successful creams in this category are those that contain snail slime. It is an ingredient in front of which many still tend to turn up their noses, but it is proven effective and increasingly sought after. Its action is regenerating and rejuvenating and helps restore skin elasticity.

Dry skin cream

For those with dry skin, a super moisturizer is needed. In these cases it is necessary to intervene on the lipid balance and increase the right amount of sebum in the skin through the properties of the cream. 

Otherwise the result will be that dryness which then translates into cracked and unhealthy skin that tends to dry out even more due to climate change, pollution and exposure to sunlight. 

Naturally emollient and moisturizing, it is perfect for post-shave and maintains the softness of the dermis even for many hours. The advice is to use it even before going to sleep, to let it work without stress throughout the night.

Cream for oily skin 

If you need a men's face cream for oily skin, your problem is with the sebaceous glands which are very zealous and produce too much sebum, more than necessary. This is not good at all, especially considering the fact that men's skin is already more oily by nature than women's.

Its action is opacifying and limits the so-called "glossy effect", hydrating without greasing. In these cases the texture is very light so as not to increase an already rather evident problem in a man's face.

Sensitive skin cream

Having sensitive skin can be a serious problem for a man. Redness is frequent, but so are irritations after shaving, not to mention the consequences linked to external agents such as smog and cold, which increase sensitivity exaggeratedly.

So, if you have very sensitive skin, you need to moisturize even more and choose a cream that contains specific ingredients, such as chamomile, aloe vera, honey and glycerin. But that's not enough: also pay attention to the presence of alcohol and perfumes, and above all parabens which irritate already sensitive skin very easily. If they have this wording they must absolutely be discarded.

Energizing cream

And then there are the energizing creams. Stress, tiredness, fatigue and anxieties are also reflected on the face. In addition to being visible and making the skin less fresh and healthy, they also affect skin aging.

The energizing cream serves to revitalize, smooth and illuminate and with constant use the results are clearly evident through a more toned skin and a rosy complexion.

Useful advice: how to use a man face cream

We are therefore at the final advice. Now we know the importance of men's face cream, its properties, the different types on the market: what do you still need to know?

What you still don't know is how to use it. It seems trivial but those who have never been used to using body creams could also encounter difficulties with how to use a normal face cream.

Here are the steps we recommend following for deep hydration and long-lasting results:

  1. Do a thorough facial cleansing to cleanse the skin, enlarge the pores and prepare it to receive the nutrients necessary for hydration.
  2. Apply the cream by massaging delicately, especially in the forehead and eye contour area, which are the parts most subject to aging in men. 
  3. Leave the cream on without drying, rubbing or washing your face.
  4. Also apply an exfoliating scrub twice a week to remove dead skin cells before applying your usual moisturizer.

These are simple operations to be done in the morning (or in the evening) without rushing. Through this beauty routine, however, even men can enjoy fresh and well-groomed skin, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and eliminating impurities. The look will be deeper: try to believe!