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How many times have you asked me how to deflate your belly?

Unfortunately this problem is common to many people, but fortunately there are several remedies that allow you to quickly resolve this annoying disorder that makes you uncomfortable and creates many difficulties in everyday life.

If you want to know the causes and above all the remedies that allow you to deflate your belly, you are in the right place. Today we're talking about what to do and how to help yourself feel good and say goodbye to a swollen belly.

Ready to find out more? Then follow us in this article that we are sure will help you get to know yourself better and keep yourself in better shape, starting right from the digestive system and helping it to function properly every day.

What does it mean to have a swollen belly?

Having a swollen belly means accumulating abdominal tension which causes stomach cramps and problems with constipation, diarrhea and bloating.

But why does this happen? This tension which is concentrated in the abdomen is due to a gaseous accumulation in the stomach and intestines. It can depend on the food eaten, weight changes or even stress.

But the result is the same whatever the trigger: a horrible feeling of swelling that does not allow you to carry out normal daily activities with ease and creates embarrassment, especially if you are in the company of other people.

There are three ways to avoid this situation:

  • act preventively. This is possible only by knowing well the causes that lead to swelling. For example, if the problem is some foods, it is absolutely recommended to avoid them or reduce them considerably.
  • Use methods to deflate the belly, which can counteract the disorder quickly and non-invasively, therefore without the use of drugs.
  • Take supplements capable of reducing swelling and giving a feeling of well-being even in the case of abdominal cramps.

Let's start immediately by talking about the possible causes, so as not to be unprepared in case of swelling and therefore be able to remedy it promptly.

Swollen belly: the causes to know to prevent the problem

deflate the belly

In most cases, the problem of a swollen belly is transient and depends on very specific triggering factors which must therefore be monitored to prevent the problem from becoming recurring.

If you know your enemy you will always know how to deal with him and, in this case, also how to prevent him from attacking you again.

Here are some of the causes of abdominal swelling:

  • Food. If you suffer from food intolerances it is very likely that some of them can cause you problems with bloating and meteorism. Whether it's lactose, gluten or another food or allergen, it's good to look into the matter and do more accurate investigations to avoid always finding yourself fighting against the annoying stomach problem.
  • Intestinal fermentation. Bad digestion bloats the belly and causes various problems including flatulence, constipation or diarrhea.
  • Menstrual cycle or menopause. Hormonal changes also affect the feeling of swelling that often accompanies women during the month, especially around the menstrual cycle. But episodes of this kind also occur during menopause and can be monitored through the use of specific supplements.
  • Weight changes. Excessive weight loss or gain can cause your belly to swell. In these cases, prevention is not always possible but action can be taken to solve the problem quickly, given its transitory nature.
  • Stress. Tensions also accumulate in the stomach and if you are particularly stressed you shouldn't be surprised if your body is affected by episodes of swollen belly and similar ailments.

Methods to deflate the belly

If the underlying problem is of a food nature and is linked to intolerances, the best way to solve it is to monitor the diet, taking care to avoid certain foods. The same goes for stressful events: have you tried to relax with alternative practices such as lo yoga?

Often, even the way you eat food can have its influence: those who eat too quickly run into this risk and then have to deal with the unpleasant consequences of abdominal swelling. That's why a recommendation from doctors, especially nutritionists, is to consume meals slowly and in moderation.

And another good advice not to be underestimated is to drink a lot. If two liters a day seems like a lot to you, think about the good you will do to your body with a few more glasses of water: it hydrates the skin, fights water retention and prevents episodes of swollen stomach. But avoid carbonated drinks: they contribute to making the situation worse.

Make good use of probiotics! By now you know well their beneficial power linked to intestinal functions, but what you may have forgotten is that probiotics shouldn't be taken only when you feel more debilitated, but also and above all constantly, to stay healthy, anticipating or mitigating possible swollen belly.

And then there are the supplements, simple but powerful allies that balance the diet, favor the proper functioning of the body's processes and also help to deflate the belly quickly and naturally.

The best supplement to deflate the belly?

deflate the belly

What substances must a good supplement have to deflate the belly effectively? On the market the most functional are those with activated carbon. This substance is naturally capable of absorbing gases and therefore proves to be a real remedy against abdominal swelling. Suitable for everyone, it does not cause side effects as it is an already tested herbal remedy.

It can be found in practical tablets of vegetable origin which are also excellent in the diet of vegans who suffer from swollen stomachs.

Other supplements, on the other hand, act directly on the gases, eliminating them completely. Let's talk about those based on cumin, anise, fennel, chamomile, mint and lemon balm. They are the classic plants called carminatives, i.e. specific for solving problems related to intestinal gas. In most cases they are taken in the form of herbal teas, dedicated precisely to the purpose of deflating the belly.

Some supplements work by using a mix of these elements, taking advantage of complementary actions. In fact, together they become more effective and in less time. Probiotics are also an ingredient that can be found in conjunction with supplements based on carminative plants or charcoal, not only to facilitate the elimination of bloating but also to improve and purify the intestinal flora.

These are absolutely natural remedies that do not harm the body and have no particular contraindications, but it is always advisable to bring them to the attention of your doctor before starting treatment.

Because a swollen belly is not a difficult problem to cure but you need to choose the most appropriate techniques and combine them with a good dose of food education and motor activity to ensure that intestinal well-being that allows you to feel good every day.