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How many times have you had to deal with an irregular cycle that causes enormous emotional discomfort and physical ailments? If most of you have this problem, read this article carefully which will help you normalize this period of the female age to make it less critical and more relaxing.

So what to do? 

We will tell you about supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle, analyzing the components that make them so effective and listing the best-selling types with excellent performance. 

But first, a brief introduction to the menstrual cycle and the reasons for any irregularity must be made.

The phase of the menstrual cycle for women 

Every adolescent woman must expect the arrival of the menstrual cycle, a natural event that decrees the beginning of the childbearing age.

We are well aware that this is a period that involves a great hormonal imbalance, with possible pain in the abdomen and symptoms affecting various parts of the body, such as headaches, back pain and not indifferent mood swings. 

What if the cycle is irregular? Well, these disturbances are amplified and can compromise everyday life and activities to do, whether they are school or work.

Fortunately, these are passing annoyances that remain limited to the 5 days a month in which the cycle appears and then disappear until the following month. 

What to do to stimulate the cycle?

Even if the cycle follows a precise cadence, it may therefore be necessary to help it regulate itself because there are factors that negatively influence it and cause annoying delays. 

Stress, drugs, nutrition, hormonal problems but also weight problems and physiological components often become the cause of an unregular cycle that needs to be remedied. 

After talking to your trusted doctor, you can evaluate the possibility of taking specific supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle which have proved to be very effective and which, above all, are natural and do not have any side effects, not even in the youngest.

What are they for, how do they work and which ones to choose? Let's try to clarify the matter. 

Supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle: what are they for?

supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle

Let's start immediately by answering the first doubt: what are these supplements for? These are products that contain substances based on herbs and plants capable of acting directly from within, restoring the hormonal situation to a regular balance. 

We immediately point out that they are not medicines to be used when necessary, but natural aids that act on the previous factors that cause the irregularity and improve the state of health by favoring a normal cycle. 

Supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle: how do they work?

After understanding the functionality of this type of supplements we can describe how they act and to do so we must necessarily analyze their most used ingredients:

  • Agnocasto: its fruits allow to produce supplements with soothing and relaxing power. They serve to calm the abdominal pains typical of this phase, regulate the alterations in the hormones and reduce all the other symptoms. Indeed, it also has a positive effect on other spheres, such as sleep and fatigue.
  • Salvia Officinalis: stimulates the menstrual cycle using a normalizing oil that acts on hormones. But be careful not to confuse it with the commonly known sage! That doesn't have the same effects on the cycle but only on the palate.
  • Raspberry or Rubus Idaeus: a tasty, and also natural, remedy to act on the hormonal cycle and balance and easily stimulate the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, it seems to have good effects on other aspects not only related to childbearing age but also to menopause, such as hot flashes or sweating. 

In all cases, these are simple elements borrowed from nature to offer solutions without contraindications to those who need to stimulate the arrival of a blocked or delayed cycle. 

Supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle: which ones to choose?

And we have reached the corner of our advice dedicated to your well-being. We want to give you some excellent choices to evaluate before making a purchase related to supplements for the stimulation of the female cycle. 

Let's start with those with chasteberry. Our choice fell on Gloryfeel, a brand dear to us already for other cases with surprising results. This product is good for young women who want to stimulate their periods or for those in adulthood who have to deal with menopause and its annoyances. Contains chaste tree, an element known in naturopathy, which relieves pain and also acts on hormones. 

For the second ingredient, sage officinalis, we recommend Naturalma, suitable for any age and in the formula in drops, more practical and faster. It is also a vegan product, therefore perfect for every type of woman. Did you know that it can also be taken during the breastfeeding period? So it is definitely devoid of any contraindication!

And also for the third type of ingredient, Rubus Idaeus, we remain faithful to the Naturalma brand which exploits all the potential of the raspberry for this supplement with an inviting taste, excellent for stimulating the female cycle and helping in the various cases related to menopause.

How to enhance the action of natural supplements?

supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle

Ready to test the effectiveness of the aforementioned supplements? This is a great starting point, but be careful not to limit yourself to just that! In fact, the use of natural products must be complementary to a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and conditions of cognitive serenity. 

But what to eat for evident results also from a hormonal point of view? Here is an easy and practical list to help you do your shopping:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals, such as zinc and magnesium, also present in concentrated forms in many supplements. 

In conclusion, the contribution you make to your well-being is decisive: do you preserve it or do you not take care of keeping it healthy? Sports practice, hobbies, also understood as the use of relaxing and pleasant techniques such as Yoga, and a healthy diet are precious allies for a woman, especially with a dancing cycle that causes anxiety and stress. Supplements to stimulate the menstrual cycle are the plus that improves conditions and provides a targeted and effective solution to solve the root problem.