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You've probably noticed: not even remote working caused by the covid pandemic has solved the problem of what to eat for lunch, on a diet or not. Our lunch breaks, due to work rhythms, are increasingly shorter and narrower, with the consequence that we are reduced to eating the classic sandwich – rich in sugars and fats – more often than we should.

Or, conversely, not eating properly. Raise your hand who, short on time, has never solved the problem with a can of tuna and a packet of crackers. This is no less harmful from a food point of view than stuffing yourself with processed foods. In fact, in addition to not providing an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, in the long run we tend to stress the metabolism. In addition to the fact that you risk ending up prey to hunger attacks and throwing yourself on the first snack available at the vending machine.

The solution? Prepare well-balanced meals in advance, and which – if perhaps you are short on time – also allow you to devote no more than a few minutes.

Here, then, are four delicious suggestions to find out what to eat for lunch on a diet, even if you don't have time.

The importance of getting all the nutrients

If you have ever thought about buying a Japanese bento box, the classic box that is used to take meals away from home, you will surely have noticed one thing: unlike our containers, bento boxes are very complicated, made up of a large number of layers and containers of various sizes. The reason? Promote variety.

In fact, every time we eat, and this is absolutely essential when it comes to main meals, we must focus on the intake of all nutrients. Whether we are following a slimming diet based on calorie control, therefore, or whether we are following a diet such as the ketogenic diet, what we need to pay attention to is the variety especially for a ketogenic lunch.

Yeah, and for those who don't have time?

Do not despair! In the next paragraph we will propose two different solutions, with their time-saving variant!

Four healthy and quick to prepare lunch menus

Let's see how to solve the problem of what to eat for lunch on a diet. Whether you have a lot of time to devote to cooking, or you don't have any, these recipes will get you through the workweek without breaking the bank!

The recipes for the low-calorie diet

Low-calorie diets are based on calorie control and provide for a proportion of nutrients in which carbohydrates and vegetables prevail over proteins and fats. This makes it particularly easy to follow, as it is simply a matter of cutting calories from the Mediterranean diet.

  • Cereal salad, tuna and green beans: delicious both cold and heated in the microwave, you can stock up on it and use it for several days. All you have to do is boil a mix of brown rice, barley and spelled together with the green beans. Once ready, pour into a bowl and add tuna (natural), a teaspoon of oil and a pinch of salt. Also excellent with turmeric.
  • The time saver version: go to the rice shelf of your trusted supermarket and get some packets of pre-cooked rice to heat in the microwave. Each pack contains two servings. Now take some natural canned green beans, and of course some tuna.

Ketogenic diet recipes

The ketogenic diet provides a different balance of nutrients, with a prevalence of proteins and fats on bread, pasta and vegetables. But don't worry because this doesn't make food preparation any more difficult.

  • Tasty omelet: take a scamorza cheese and cut a quarter into chunks of the size you prefer. Mix it with two beaten eggs, dirty a non-stick pan with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and prepare your omelette. Once finished, put it on a plate and add some bresaola, then roll up.
what to eat for lunch on a diet
  • The time-saving variant: if you really don't have a second free, a good alternative is to have a pack of bresaola and one of cheese (possibly fresh, which has less fat).

Keeping fit for lunch? Easier than you think!

We have proposed four solutions for lunch to test laziness and lack of time. As you may have noticed, it's easier than you think. And if you are following a Mediterranean diet, you can even use all four of our recipes. While if you follow the keto diet, you just have to transform the tuna and green bean salad by eliminating the grains. And now? Well, bon appetit!