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Choosing a probiotic supplement is not always easy and immediate. The fault probably lies with the variety of products that we are faced with and of which we often know nothing. 

Today we therefore answer the question that we all ask ourselves at the time of purchase: which is the best probiotic on the market? 

We will describe our very personal choice to you, but not before having told you about the importance of probiotics in your everyday diet to pamper your intestines, feel fit and above all healthy.

If you're ready, let's start exploring the world of probiotics right away to understand their importance in our bodies.

Probiotics as a means of maintaining balance

Introducing probiotics into your diet, in the form of food or supplements, is the best way to take care of your intestines.

Sometimes eating healthy is not enough: there may be conditions that alter the balance of the bacterial flora and cause imbalances in our body. Stress, environmental conditions or drugs are some of the factors that cause alterations and make the normal intestinal balance falter.

And it is at this point that the action of probiotics can make the difference. With their live and active microorganisms they can easily restore the balance of the microbiota and that lost feeling of well-being. 

In fact, probiotics have many qualities:

  • promote the proliferation of healthy bacteria
  • strengthen the immune defences
  • reduce discomfort related to intestinal swelling or any irritation

Basically if they colonize our intestines we can rest assured that they will take care of it and its functionality without us having to do anything else to help them in this process!

But to be truly effective, the microorganisms inside them must meet specific requirements.

Hence the dilemma: which probiotics to buy? What is the best probiotic on the market that you can trust?

What is the best probiotic on the market: requirements

After understanding the importance of a probiotic for our intestinal balance, it's time to figure out how to make the right choice. The secret is to pay attention to three factors that correspond to the basic requirements that a supplement must possess in order to give the right probiotic load that we need.

The most important requirements that these microorganisms must possess are three:

  • stay alive and vital for a long time. If this vitality is lost almost immediately it is inevitable that the intestine will not be able to take advantage of their beneficial action and therefore the probiotic contribution will be almost nil. For this reason it is always recommended to check the expiry date and avoid taking them in any case even if they have already expired;
  • be present in very high concentrations. We are talking about at least 25 billion live microorganisms that must colonize the intestine to carry out a protective and restorative action. You are certainly wondering how long, right? A week…a month? Well no! 25 billion live bacteria must be taken in a single daily dose to have the desired effects;
  • be resistant and survive bile salts. When these microorganisms arrive in the intestine they must be strong enough to overcome the barriers and obstacles that can destroy them before reaching their destination. From here we can see their effectiveness: if gastric juices so acidic are not capable of doing anything to them then they are high quality probiotics with proven efficacy.

In our opinion, the probiotic that satisfies these requirements is Prolife, supplement approved with honors by the Ministry of Health for having passed all the control standards that elect it as a product of the highest quality.

What is the best probiotic on the market?

Why exactly Prolife?

What is the best probiotic on the market? We choose Prolife for a variety of reasons.

Let's start immediately by saying that it is a supplement with a multi-strain formulation to exponentially increase its effectiveness. But what does it mean? In practice it means that it does not contain a single strain of probiotics but a mix of all different strains, which with a combined action, manage to guarantee more protection, more defenses and more balance.

Furthermore, the strains present in the vast range of Prolife proposals are the most sought after in terms of probiotic load: from Lactobacillus lactis to Bifidobacterium, which are the best known even by non-experts, up to their lesser-known variants, which in very high concentrations can guarantee a non-indifferent intestinal well-being.

What are Prolife supplements for?

Choosing Prolife means taking care of yourself at 360 degrees. It is no coincidence that these probiotics make it possible to improve the state of health by acting on several fronts and on several factors.

Surely the focus remains the intestine: Prolife restores the balance of the microbiota, reduces intestinal swelling, facilitates digestive processes, reduces irritation and cases of diarrhea or constipation.

Yet it also does so much more than that! It's not only good for regaining well-being but also for preserving it longer. Its protective action is in fact also preventive. Probiotics are not drugs and therefore shouldn't be taken only in case of discomfort, but included in the normal daily diet they help to stay healthy and fit with the intestine, every day. That's why they should be taken regularly without fearing contraindications.

Finally, Prolife becomes a practical ally to always carry with you even when travelling. Often the body is affected by climate change, psycho-physical stress and even changes related to habits, especially food. That's why helping yourself with probiotic supplements can be convenient so as not to be caught unprepared during the holidays by annoying intestinal disorders.

The best probiotic supplement for the whole family

To tell you which is the best probiotic on the market, we have done a careful analysis of the pros and cons of the most sought after. In our opinion Prolife is the top in its category as we have not found even one contraindication.

What is the best probiotic on the market?

Indeed we can also add another advantage: it is really suitable for everyone, even for the little ones. How often do the little ones suffer from intestinal disorders? Especially when the immune defenses are lowered, the normal balance of the bacterial flora is altered and frequent episodes of diarrhea or vomiting occur. Its Prolife Infant and Prolife Pediatric ranges in these cases are a real help in restoring balance and alleviating symptoms. Formulated specifically for children up to 12 years of age, it is approved by pediatricians who often recommend it to families as the only solution to avoid administering real medicines.

How to take care of the microbiota every day

And we have come to the conclusion of our short review to understand which is the best probiotic on the market. We have chosen Prolife and we have explained to you why, but the fact remains that there are also other very valid products that carry out similar actions just as effectively.

The important thing is that you never forget to take care of your microbiota every day. The first step is to choose healthy probiotics and take them consistently. But then you definitely need to pay attention to your diet, without letting yourself be tempted by harmful foods against which not even probiotics can do anything.

Therefore, small tricks are enough to take care of yourself and your intestines: a healthy diet rich in probiotics that you can alternate, choosing to take both supplements and some specific foods. Any examples? Try the Kombucha, an excellent fermented drink at any time of the day, or the probiotic yogurt, perfect snack for breakfast or as a healthy snack.