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The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution is the Canadian brand's serum/mask that promises to eliminate small and large imperfections through a delicate but effective exfoliation. In spite of a name that is not immediately understood, and a consistency that is not expected in a face mask, it has quickly become one of The Ordinary's most popular products.

The reason? That's exactly what we decided to tell you in this article!

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution: what is it

It is commonly called The Ordinary peeling solution because that is what it is: a chemical peel based on alpha and beta hydroxyacids, AHA and BHA, to be precise. The former work on skin exfoliation, progressively lightening the face by eliminating spots and surface imperfections, thus making our complexion uniform. The latter, on the other hand, assist the exfoliating action. They also act on a deeper level, performing an antibacterial function and freeing pores from smog and sebum.

But that's not all, because The Ordinary, usually specialized in formulating beauty solutions based on a single ingredient, has decided to add this peeling also with Vitamin B5, Tasmanian pepper and black carrot. The result is an all-round intervention which, after exfoliation, nourishes and regenerates the skin with antioxidant elements.

How to use The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution

Also thanks to their concentration – no less than 30 % of alpha hydroxy acids in addition to 2% of beta hydroxy acids – the peeling solution has a consistency and a color that we were not used to finding in cosmetics: it is, in fact, a viscous composition, dark red color, which is applied with a dropper.

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution

The steps to follow

Let's analyze in more detail how to use it:

  • Compatibility Test: although it was not widespread in cosmetics for private use before the advent of The Ordinary, this peeling was already widely used in dermatology, thanks to its high efficacy. For the same reason, a compatibility test should be carried out before applying it to the face. A few drops are applied to an area such as the inside of the wrist or elbow where the skin is sensitive. Wait 24 hours before proceeding to the next step, to verify that it does not cause skin rashes.
  • Cleansing: each mask, before application, requires that the skin has been subjected to a light cleansing, to eliminate dead cells, impurities, and everything that affects the hydrolipidic film, preventing the active ingredients from penetrating deeply. Another important tip: peelings want completely dry skin!
  • Bowl or dropper: as you may have already seen with the test, the consistency of the peeling solution is liquid but viscous. For the application, therefore, proceed according to what you think is most comfortable for you. You can apply three drops on the forehead, three on the cheeks and so on. Then proceed to spread with your fingers. Or you can pour a small amount into a bowl and proceed with your applicator brush, the choice is yours.
  • Exposure time and reactions: The Ordinary recommends keeping the peeling on for 10 minutes. However, this is a general indication. If your skin is sensitive and after 5 minutes you feel tingling and burning, do not hesitate to wash off the mask. If, on the other hand, your skin is thickened – this happens with oily skin and with those that have spent too much time in the sun – you can try to resist it for 15 minutes. The advice is to consult with your trusted dermatologist. Surely he knows the characteristics of your skin and will be able to advise you for the best.
  • When to repeat the application? A basic beauty routine recommends doing the mask once a week as an additional treatment. However, if you have specific needs, you can repeat your peeling twice a week.

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution: how to best use it

The peeling solution by The Ordinary promises – and keeps – to eliminate facial imperfections by refining the skin texture. From pimples to the tendency tolight acne, passing through superficial spots, small scars (pimples squeezed too aggressively?) but also comedones, dilated pores and blackheads.

Unlike other masks that promise similar effects, this is a product that really works, and in a relatively short time (depending on the type of problem). In short, it is easy to think that it is the solution to all problems. But, there is a but.

For it to be truly effective, and for its effects to last over time, it is good to associate the application of the mask with an adjuvant programme. First of all, avoid exposing your skin to the sun when you are following the treatment. Peels are, in fact, photosensitizing in themselves, and therefore the risk is to cause new sunspots while you are struggling to eliminate the old ones.

Advice? Start using it in autumn, preferably after the time has changed – all those hours of darkness will finally make sense – so as to eliminate the marks left by the past summer, and give the skin enough time to recover from the treatment before tackling the beach.

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% peeling solution: our final judgment and where to buy in Italy

A chemical peel that works and is good for even the most sensitive skin, cleverly formulated to nourish the skin as well as exfoliate it. In addition, minimal packaging, a real user guide offered on The Ordinary website, and a company that has made ethics its mission, offering products at popular prices, not tested on animals and with carbon-free shipments. free.

In short, full marks promotion for this unique peeling, you can buy it on the original site or also on Amazon.