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Today we return to dealing with a male column to analyze with you an active ingredient rather known for the therapy of dysfunctionno sexual: tadalafil. 

Don't you know him? Here you will find all the information you need to know if it could be right for you and if it is really effective.

Tadalafil reviews: let's give a voice to those who have tested it and find out if it really deserves its fame in the sector and therefore it's worth trying it on yourself.

But, in addition to knowing the opinions on its uses, we give you a sprinkling of notions concerning it to better understand what we are talking about.

What is tadalafil and how does it work?

If you hear about tadalafil, you should know that it is an active ingredient that falls into the category of phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE). What does it mean? In simpler terms it means that it is an ingredient used in some drugs that affect blood flow and are used to improve cases of erectile dysfunction, but also high blood pressure and enlarged prostate.

It comes in the form of tablets of 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg to be taken orally. The precise dosage should be prescribed by your doctor based on your situation and the extent of the problem.

It is available on the market in two different types:

  • Alone: there are products where the only active ingredient present is tadalafil.
  • In conjunction with some inactive principles. The most common is Cialis.

In both cases the aim is the same so the final choice depends on other factors and on the doctor's opinion.

Why and when to use tadalafil?

Men who resort to the use of tadalafil in most cases have problems in the sexual sphere and more precisely in the moment of erection. The active ingredient is used for its ability to increase blood flow and thus improve sexual performance. 

But its uses are also extended to other problems:

  • Prostate problems with consequences involving the urinary tract;
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension.

It certainly should not be used in minors and especially in women, as its use is exclusively for men.

Tadalafil, viagra and spedra compared

If we do a search that includes the words "tadalafil reviews", we are faced with many results that compare the active ingredient with other types of products that have the same purpose.

The most common are the famous Viagra and Spedra. But how does tadalafil differ from these two antagonists?

First of all, it should be specified that tadalafil improves erection but has no effect on sexual desire. Unlike viagra which also acts on this factor. 

Then the difference concerns the speed of action:

  • Viagra should be taken 1 hour before intercourse as it takes 30 minutes to act and another 30 must pass to reach its maximum effectiveness.
  • Spedra is much faster: it only takes 15 minutes to be in place and within 30 minutes it reaches its peak.
  • Tadalafil, on the other hand, is the slowest to act: in fact, it must be taken 2 hours before intercourse as it begins to act after about 40 minutes and reaches its maximum power after two hours.

At first glance, tadalafil would therefore seem to be the least suitable choice, but in reality this is not the case at all. In fact, the duration of the therapeutic effect is the longest because it can even reach 36 hours! And the others? Don't expect more than 9/12 hours of maximum effects.

Tadalafil reviews: does it work or not?

tadalafil reviews

If it is nicknamed "the alternative viagra" certainly there will be a reason! And in fact we can say that those who have tried it have been very satisfied and have decided not to replace it with other types of similar and even better known products.

On the samples analysed, at least 70% is in favor of its use and confirms its efficacy. 

The improvements are evident in the space of time between 2 and 4 weeks and there are no particular side effects, except in the presence of particular clinical situations.

So let's see what people say about tadalafil to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a product that is increasingly used in the male world.

Tadalafil positive reviews

Here are the opinions of those who used tadalafil and were satisfied with it:

On the advice of the urologist I took tadalafil, and I'm quite satisfied. I no longer have any erection problems..

The pills work great!

I have used viagra for years but after trying cialis with tadalafil I no longer switch it with anyone. Advised!

I didn't believe it at all, but I had to change my mind about the duration of the effects of tadalafil. Seeing is believing!

Recommended for those who want an effective and lasting solution. Optimal!

I really tried them all, from viagra to spedra but I choose tadalafil among all. More satisfying effects than the bland ones of other products.

Tadalafil bad reviews

Someone complains of discomfort after treatment. They are sporadic cases but we present them to you for completeness of data.

After taking the dose of tadalafil I had a headache all day long.

I also experienced muscle cramps during intercourse.

I'm not discussing its effectiveness but its speed of action: too slow compared to viagra.

I don't trust new products, I always prefer to use viagra.

In conclusion

tadalafil reviews

After understanding what tadalafil is, how and when to use it, we just have to remind you that it is always a product that should not be taken independently without consulting your doctor.

Furthermore, it is advisable not to use it before driving because, even if the side effects are rare, dizziness could occur which jeopardizes road safety.

Finally, always check that it does not interact negatively with other drugs before treating a problem and generating another completely unconsciously!

As far as the interaction with food is concerned, no particular problems have been encountered and therefore it can be taken both before and after meals without this having consequences on its effectiveness.