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Do you know the importance of folic acid supplements? 

Uses, dosage and benefits: today we will tell you about this important vitamin which you can find naturally in many foods, but which is often also necessary to integrate with special products.

Folic acid only in pregnancy? Not at all! Although it is often associated with pregnant women, it is not its only use and consequently it is not only the fetus that should benefit from it, but also the health of women and even men.

Don't believe it? Then it's time to enter the subject and delve into every facet of it to learn how to use it correctly in our lives.

What is Folic Acid?

Talking about vitamin b9 or folic acid is practically the same thing. In fact, perhaps not everyone knows that it is really an essential vitamin element for the body. 

It belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins, which can be absorbed by the body (or by the fetus) through food or through supplements.

What is it for?

Surely its best known use is aimed at pregnant women, as it promotes the development of the embryo.

But it is also essential for the synthesis of proteins, DNA, hemoglobin, and also to avoid the risk of contracting certain cardiovascular diseases.

In short, it is an element that is closely connected to human health and one must not be deficient in order not to run into more or less serious problems.

But let's talk about its benefits to fully understand its value for global well-being.  

The benefits of folic acid in all its forms

Whether it is introduced with food or with appropriate supplements, folic acid must absolutely be present in the body. The reasons are to be found in its multiple benefits which we will summarize in this list:

  • Prevents anemia
  • Prevents heart disease
  • It favors the development of the fetus and prevents congenital malformations
  • Decreases the risk of stroke
  • Fights any mental deficits and forms of psychological deprivation such as depression.

It is now clear, therefore, that we cannot (and must not!) do without it.

But in which foods is it found? And how to take the supplements?

Folic acid and nutrition

folic acid supplements

In search of foods rich in vitamin b9, we have made a short list to play it safe and take only what can really make you fill up on folic acid at the supermarket, whether you are pregnant or not.

  • Vegetables: spinach, chard, envy, rocket, broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, beetroot;
  • Fresh fruit: oranges, lemons, tangerines, clementines, avocados, kiwis;
  • Dried fruit: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and whole grains;
  • Legumes: beans, chickpeas and lentils:
  • Milk and some dairy products.

A small percentage is also present in chicken and fish, but since they really contain a minimum amount it is often important to resort to the additional intake of folic acid supplements.

Folic acid supplements

Folic acid supplements make up for the vitamin b9 deficiency in many situations. 

In fact, a deficiency of this kind involves serious physical problems: the most harmful consequence is the decrease in the production of red blood cells and the formation of anemia.

But there are also disturbances related to concentration, excessive tiredness, with weakness, lack of appetite, weight loss and even frequent headaches.

While in pregnant women the risks are mostly for the child they are carrying, which can be born with problems affecting the nervous system or even lead to a premature birth with the problems of the case.

This is why we must not underestimate the importance of folic acid supplements and instead we must be well informed on how to take them and on the correct doses, which differ on a case-by-case basis.

Folic acid supplements during pregnancy

Folic acid supplements must already be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, precisely to allow the embryo to transform into a fetus and ensure functional and healthy growth in all its parts.

The ideal dosage (always to be agreed with your doctor) is usually 400 micrograms per day, to be taken daily for as long as your doctor deems it appropriate.

folic acid supplements

Here is one of the best products used in pregnancy: Gloryfeel Folic acid.

Folic acid supplements for men

Is folic acid only useful for women? Absolutely not and we are very keen to dispel this false myth.

Even for human health, taking vitamin B9 with food and supplements is essential to feel good and prevent forms of disease, especially anemia.

However, the dosage is different from that of the woman expecting a child: in this case you need to take about 200 micrograms a day.

The same goes for all women who are not fertile or are not pregnant in any case.

Here is our pick for you: Intelligent Labs.

Folic acid and vitamin b12 supplements

In many cases it is recommended to take supplements with folic acid which do not act alone, but which make use of the healthy powers of another essential vitamin for the body, vitamin B12.

Together, the action of vitamins belonging to group B it is strongly enhanced and therefore has beneficial effects for all functions of the organism.

This is the reason why you often find specific supplements that are based on both folic acid and vitamin b12.

Any examples? Here for example Mayfair Vitamin b12 with folic acid.

Some final recommendations

Now that you know that folic acid is good for practically everyone you won't leave it anymore, we are sure of this.

But we don't want to leave you before giving you some last advice that will allow you to take advantage of all its benefits without running any risk.

First of all, remember never to exceed the recommended dosage, not even in the case of anemia diagnosed with the appropriate tests. Starting from the assumption that you must always speak to your doctor before starting the treatment, you must also know that taking it in excessive quantities causes in some cases disturbances such as tremors, unjustified nervousness, allergic reactions and acceleration of the heartbeat.

In most cases the excess amount is eliminated through the urine, but it is always better not to risk unnecessarily harming yourself.

As far as side effects are concerned, however, they are only rarely recorded and concern allergic reactions or swelling, but these are sporadic cases that require immediate medical intervention, even if purely temporary.