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Among the brands that care most about the health of your skin and fight to fight blemishes, Somatoline is certainly one of the best. 

In fact, since the 1970s, it has been making products of the highest quality to treat accumulations of fat and facilitate the disappearance of fat cellulite

Raise your hand if you have tried one of its products at least once in your life! We are sure that there are many of you since today it is a consolidated reality in the sector and its fame has grown unstoppably over time. Despite the competitors that have appeared on the beauty scene and in skin care treatments over the years, Somatoline has never ceased to be successful for women and remains in fact one of the favorite brands of the female universe of all ages. Today we find out why!

We put the brand under a magnifying glass and analyze every aspect, from the formats to the objectives, from the methods of treatment to the price. In particular, we focus on the sachet format to discover the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of one of the best-selling products, and not just as summer approaches. 

Somatoline Sachet Reviews: How Much Do You Know? Read this article carefully to find out more.

What is Somatoline

Let's start from the beginning: what is Somatoline and when was it born? About 40 years ago in Calenzano, in the province of Florence, the laboratories of a new brand opened their doors which will revolutionize the fight against cellulite once and for all. 

It takes the name of Somatoline and imposes itself on the market for its innovative formula that reduces fat deposits. 

It is a new and effective product that immediately attracts the curiosity of women looking for truly functional solutions and capable of acting precisely on the causes, solving the root problem.

Since then its formula has remained unchanged and still today produces the same degree of satisfaction and the same attention as then. 

But what does this innovative formula consist of? It consists of two ingredients that make it unique:

  • Levothyroxine: it is a molecule that serves to activate the combustion processes with the aim of combating an excessive production of collagen, the cause of the formation of adipose layers and orange peel skin
  • Escin: it is a saponin that is obtained from the horse chestnut and has the purpose of facilitating the microcirculation and therefore helping to reduce the excess of liquids in the tissues. Furthermore, it seems that it is also excellent for improving the resistance of the capillary membranes.

These two active ingredients are the secret ingredient of Somatoline and their combined action manages to implement the results that are visible from the very first applications and therefore from the first days of the start of the treatment. 

Somatolins: what is it for?

As anticipated, Somatoline serves to combat cellulite and the fatty states that accompany it, caused by an exaggerated amount of liquids that are deposited due to problems related to malfunctions in the microcirculation that are reflected in the skin tissues. 

Somatoline works starting from the study of the human body and its structure, to understand the source of the problem and solve it definitively. For this reason, the studies conducted on cellulite and adipose states are the basis of each of his projects and of each of his formulas.

So what did Somatoline discover and how did it plan to act on it?

The problem arises when blood microcirculation doesn't work as it should and forms adipose masses that compromise the structure of the skin, at a superficial level in the dermis and at a deeper level in the hypodermis.

The skin tissue alters and sags, creating the so-called orange peel skin. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, four different layers are formed which concern cellulite and they are:

  1. Edematous cellulitis
  2. Fibrous cellulite
  3. Soft sclerotic cellulitis
  4. Sclerotic cellulitis

Somatoline has analyzed its characteristics to act directly on the root of the problem and create truly effective products.

The stages of cellulite

somatoline sachets reviews

The first phase is the initial one, where there are still no obvious symptoms but the skin begins to be more pasty and by pressing it you can see the first signs of a skin that tends to become orange peel. Here the liquids begin to accumulate and realizing in time to be in this stage can help to intervene promptly to solve the problem in the bud.

The second phase already raises some doubts because there are some signals that can be considered alarm bells to investigate the situation further. The skin takes on the features of the "orange peel" and when you press you also feel a little pain. It means that the first nodules begin to form, the elasticity loses tone and if you don't act immediately the effects could visibly worsen.

The third phase has very evident symptoms and signs. The pain is sharper to the touch, the area is cold and even the color is discolored. The soft part can also be seen visually, as the tone has been lost and the first depressions have appeared. In simple words it is the phase in which the nodules have increased in size and have also hardened. The consequences are no longer only aesthetic but also physical, because they highlight an evident circulatory problem and signs of venous and lymphatic insufficiency. It is already more complicated to act, but we must still try without wasting any more time.

And then there is the last phase, the most serious, where the depressions are now advanced, the nodules have become macronodules and the pain is constant to the touch. Is it still possible to intervene? Here it is very difficult to obtain satisfactory results with 100%, but using suitable products the physical and painful consequences can be reduced.

Types of Somatolins

And here Somatoline wants to give a solution to women who go through these phases that cause not only blemishes but also physical and emotional discomfort, as they destabilize the balance and compromise the self-image also creating complexes, especially in the very young.

And to meet everyone's needs, the brand has created two different types: the single-serving sachets and the dispenser bottle, both with the same formula.

Somatoline sachets can also be carried around by taking it once a day, while the dispenser is preferably used in 4 daily deliveries, applying it directly to the affected areas, both every day and every other day, depending on the type of treatment being performed (intensive or maintenance).

Somatoline, regardless of the type chosen, ensures visible results after about two weeks. 

Today we want to focus on the first type, the single-serving sachets, to understand how they are used and what people who have tested them on their skin think about them.

Somatoline anti-cellulite sachets

Somatoline sachets can be found on the market in two formats: Somatoline 30 sachets and Somatoline 15 sachets. 

Each sachet corresponds to a dose and acts exactly like the measuring bottle, with the difference that you don't need 4 sachets in a single day but one is more than enough and can be used anywhere. 

They are ideal for hindering the formation of adipose tissue and fighting cellulite at every stage. If used in the first phase, even more surprising results can be obtained as it acts on a surface that is not yet in an irreversible situation and therefore is more manageable and shows signs of recovery even faster. 

How is the treatment carried out?

How are the sachets used? Apparently they seem a more complicated type to use and raise some more doubts about the treatment methods. Let's start by saying that they are sachets for cutaneous and not oral use, therefore they are applied directly to the skin with cellulite exactly like a cream in a blister or in a measuring bottle.

The treatment can have a variable duration depending on the starting problem and the results to be obtained. Generally, it takes place from a minimum of 15/20 days up to 2 or 3 months, until the goal is achieved. Of course, like any treatment, it must be repeated at regular intervals and the results will be visible and constant.

If the treatment is intensive, therefore for an attack, two sachets a day should be used and massaged into the skin with the fatty tissues. 

If, on the other hand, you are already in the maintenance phase, it is sufficient to use one every two days.

The areas to be treated are thighs, knees and buttocks, applying light pressure with massages that I have to go from the bottom up with a duration of at least 10 minutes. It is not an end in itself treatment, but a real pampering that is done to the skin and which must provide a pleasant relief. So take these 10 minutes for yourself without haste and without thoughts!

But remember to prepare the skin first. How? Wash the affected areas, dry them well before treatment and then massage with light pressure. If your skin turns red, don't be alarmed: it means it's having an effect and therefore Somatoline is in action for you.

Somatoline sachets before and after

somatoline sachets reviews

Somatoline sachets reviews: results before and after?

Well, this is the question all women ask themselves before starting to trust the brand and starting a constant treatment against cellulite. 

First the skin is orange peel, the microcirculation is compromised and its alterations cause symptoms that are painful to the touch and unaesthetic to the eye. Furthermore, the depressions that lead to hiding and covering up out of shame and embarrassment begin to appear. 

What happens after Somatoline sachets?

The massage serves to reactivate the microcirculation and the lymphatic system which cause the formation of cellulite. This reactivation facilitates the elimination of excess water that is deposited in the tissues. You can also notice it from diuresis which is more frequent.

Two weeks after the start of the treatment, the first signs of "healing" begin to appear, appearing with more toned and compact areas and a hint of lost elasticity.

Getting results, however, does not mean stopping using Somatoline. Often the problem is thought to have been resolved because improvements are seen and treatment is stopped abruptly. Nothing more wrong! You will see that it will come back stronger and more invasive than before.

Cellulite is fought with constancy and patience. If Somatoline does its duty, you too will have to do your part, continuing to treat the areas at risk and proceeding gradually to loosen the therapy until you reach the maintenance phase when you will be fully satisfied.

Somatoline sachets price 

But how much does Somatoline sachets cost? Since it is a quality product you cannot expect a ridiculous price. But if you look at the matter from another perspective, you will become aware of the fact that you are carrying out a targeted, professional and functional treatment for your needs, so it is worth spending a little more to achieve the desired results. 

So, let's talk about prices. Somatoline sachets are usually sold at a price of around 40 euros, but in a pack you will find 30 sachets and therefore you are guaranteed a treatment of at least a month (15 days if you are in the initial phase and need two sachets a day). .

We're talking about a little more than a coffee a day to say goodbye to orange peel skin: a bargain, don't you think?

But there's more: you often find Somatoline products on sale, especially in online pharmacies, and you can therefore take advantage of even more advantageous prices. 

Somatoline sachets offered: what kind? You can find two promo packs at an affordable price, or have interesting vouchers to save on quantity. 

Furthermore, in the "hottest" periods or those in which the need to combat blemishes is most felt, such as near the summer season, it is possible to find interesting offers with discounted prices also in physical stores and not just online.

Where to buy the Somatoline range?

The entire Somatoline range can be found very easily, both in physical and online stores. 

Pharmacies, parapharmacies and beauty stores usually offer customers a counter reserved for the brand, with promoters who at certain times of the year offer to present offers, distribute free trial samples and answer a few questions. 

The best-stocked supermarkets can also deal with the product, but it is already more difficult and often they do not sell all the types of existing formats, and they certainly do not deal with Somatoline sachets.

The place where you really can find everything is, as always, the web! Between marketplaces and specialized websites, Somatoline can be found in every shop that sells body care and beauty products. 

Starting from Amazon up to retailers that sell over-the-counter products, Somatoline in cream or gel is that plus that never fails and that is shipped to your home in no time, often also taking advantage of advantageous offers that aim to build customer loyalty. 

The discounts are very exclusive: they even go up to 70% and you can really stock up on your favorite product for a long-lasting and convenient treatment.

And then there is the official reseller who deals only with Somatoline products. Here you are spoiled for choice and you can also try other types of treatments that aim to solve different problems. Slimming, draining, firming and even to reduce pregnancy-related fat deposits. There really is something for all tastes and you can fill your virtual shopping cart with valid products capable of acting effectively and without contraindications.

But there is a but! Somatoline sachets belongs to the type of product considered as drugs due to its composition and therefore cannot be sold everywhere. But don't worry, you can always find it in the pharmacy and you can also find valuable information from your trusted pharmacist.

Somatoline sachets reviews

Now that we have told you everything we know about Somatoline and in particular the type in sachets, it's up to you to tell us what you think.

Have any of you tried it? The web is full of opinions on the brand and its products and therefore it is not difficult to understand what people think. We have tried to group the most common reviews, both positive and negative, to know your degree of satisfaction and give a complete evaluation. 

The conclusions are up to you!

Somatoline sachets positive reviews

Enthusiasts love Somatoline because they consider it an almost miraculous solution! Its visible and rapid results contribute to making it a high-end product that they would not replace with any other. 

The advantages are not only in terms of results, but also in immediately visible and tangible effects, such as smoother and more toned skin.

If you respect the deadlines and do not give up ahead of time, the results are really there and the formula works as advertised. Someone was afraid to use the product in question for fear that it could have negative effects on the thyroid level. But after trying it they didn't have any side effects worthy of note, as the clinical tests conducted in the laboratory had already demonstrated, which had established that levothyroxine is not absorbed systemically. 

So there are improvements, but especially for those who manage to integrate with other remedies, such as sport, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion… Somatoline sachets is recommended to 100% by almost all the women who have tried it.

Somatoline sachets negative reviews

And then we must also look at the other side of the coin and understand why there are also negative opinions. Unfortunately someone complains of having just thrown away the money! But how is it possible that they have not had any positive effect? The reasons may be related to the fact that they have been inconsistent, inaccurate or that they have decided to suspend the treatment before giving the product a chance to act internally.

In other cases we came across negative opinions that criticized the price. After all, if there are also types of creams or gels on the market that cost much less, it is easy to think that Somatoline is expensive because it is better known and to respond to a more extensive marketing strategy.

Finally, compared to other Somatoline products, the anti-cellulite sachet format cannot be bought everywhere, but only in pharmacies and authorized dealers. For some, this is a limit that takes away at least one star from the overall rating. 

In principle, however, there are no opinions so negative as to consider the product bankruptcy or ineffective.

To recap

Somatoline sachets is an emulsion that acts as a skin treatment on cellulite and adipose tissue using only the indicated quantities and without exceeding. Let's immediately dispel the myth that wants to believe that the more product you use, the more effects you get.

Its action takes place through a direct massage on the thighs, buttocks and knees, starting specific cycles that last a variable time that depends on the type of treatment and the starting situation. 

Despite the criticisms in this regard, there are no obvious interactions for the thyroid, provided however that initiatives are not taken and the product is not abused which otherwise remains limited to what it was created for, namely the fight against cellulite.

It can be purchased in pharmacies at a price that does not exceed 40 euros and can also be found on sale at certain times of the year. 

The overall evaluations are good and it seems to do its job well, acting on the interested parties and bringing visible benefits both from an aesthetic and physical point of view, reactivating the microcirculation and favoring the elimination of excess water. 

Bottom line: is it worth a try? Our answer is yes, but by following the instructions and recommended cycles and turning to an expert if it is necessary to integrate other targeted actions to amplify the results or speed up the treatment. 

Finally, we remind you that it is advisable to enhance Somatoline sachets with healthy and correct habits, such as drinking plenty of water during the day, exercising, not wearing jeans or tight trousers, eating lots of fruit rich in potassium, and not overdoing it with unhealthy foods or too salty which favor water retention.