Crunchy Hazelnut Multilayer Vegan Protein Bar


Let yourself be conquered by the delights of Foodspring! Our vegan protein bar Extra Hazelnut Crunchy is a real treat for your senses: a delicious explosion of nutty flavor with a crunchy texture that will drive you crazy.

This bar is an excellent source of protein, thanks to the presence of vegetable proteins of biological origin (rice, peas and hemp seeds), while providing an interesting combination of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is also an excellent choice for those who want to follow a vegan diet, as it does not contain any traces of ingredients of animal origin.

But best of all, thanks to the addition of macadamia nuts, our Extra Hazelnut Crunchy is also a source of healthy fats that help keep your body in shape.

And most importantly, the flavor is truly irresistible! Foodspring's Extra Crunchy Hazelnut vegan protein bar is a sweet, delicious and protein-rich snack that guarantees you a unique taste experience. The combination of sweet, crunchy and nutritious ingredients is truly outstanding!

If you're looking for a diet snack that's also a treat for your palate, then our Vegan Extra Crunchy Hazelnut Protein Bar from Foodspring is just right for you. Don't hesitate to try it, and find out how this snack can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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