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Raise your hand if you know the brand pink food!

Well, it's a strictly keto-friendly online store, loved by all those who keep fit and have a low-calorie diet.

Today we want to introduce you to this reality that is highly appreciated both in the keto and in the low carb world, but also in other food styles that have already been in vogue for several years, such as vegans.

So let's find out its mission, its reference target and of course the vast assortment of products on sale. 

Pinkfood reviews: what do customers say? We also dedicate a space to those who have already tested the professionalism of the brand and provided their very personal opinion.

Ketogenic foods online: where to buy them?

Who follows one ketogenic diet he is often forced to go from shop to shop in search of keto-friendly products which, however, are not always supplied by retailers. 

That's why we focus on the web, where the assortment is guaranteed and the range of proposals is varied and responds to everyone's needs and tastes.

With this in mind, Pinkfood came to life: the first keto reality on the Italian scene that specialized in the sale of products reserved for those who care about their line and their health. 

The focus is on "feeling well" and therefore each food is perfect for adopting a healthy lifestyle and a healthy eating style.

Reducing calories, sugar and carbohydrates is their idea to increase physical well-being, both for adults and children. But without ever giving up on taste! 

Health and taste are two concepts that must go together: for this reason there is also an expert nutritionist at their side who guides and supports them, paying particular attention to the categories of people with problems related to weight and especially diabetes. to find targeted solutions.

Pinkfood was born in 2020, in full lockdown, to offer a healthy alternative in a period in which our certainties have faltered and we have become aware of the importance of health and also of food.

Since then it has never stopped and today it is a consolidated reality in its sector that is gaining more and more acclaim all over the world.

Here's what you'll find on Pinkfood

Pinkfood is a shop full of many novelties that will captivate you from the first taste!

Not only keto, therefore, but also many possibilities for the different categories and even for those with particular intolerances.

Here is a general overview of the products you can buy on their site:

  • Keto
  • Low carb
  • Light
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Unsweetened

But let's enter the online store and take a close look at the interesting proposals it offers us before discovering the "pinkfood reviews" and therefore finding out what people who have already tried them and have given us useful feedback think about them.

Keto products

Those who follow a ketogenic diet will feel like they're in the land of toys here! Everything he has never found in the market near his home is present here in large quantities and with different variations to try. 

From ketogenic bars to biscuits, from butter to jams, from flour to milk to then find many types of drinks and snacks, all strictly keto friendly. 

Pinkfood's proposals will tickle your palate and make the slimming journey seem less tiring, because you can also introduce really delicious keto foods that you didn't think were also healthy and dietary. 

Don't believe it? Here's an example you won't be able to resist. I present to you the hazelnut and cocoa cream, without sugar and with organic foods. I bet you can't wait to put it in your cart and color your daily snacks.

Use the code NG2206 to have the 10% discount


Low carb

And if your goal is to reduce carbohydrates or eliminate them from the diet? 

Pinkfood has also thought of this with a line of low-carb products, which are often equivalent to keto products and are able to respond to multiple dietary needs at the same time.

Here too there is no shortage of whims, such as chocolate or creams, but there are also many ingredients for cooking and low-carb alternatives to the classic pasta, bread or rice. 

In short, there is everything you need to adopt a low-calorie regime and not feel the lack of carbohydrates. 


And then there are light foods. We often read this wording in the industrial products they sell in the supermarket: but how much of it is true? 

Unfortunately, most of the time it's a sort of bait and switch that only serves to attract customers, but if you take a closer look and read the ingredients, you will notice two or three elements that have absolutely nothing light!

Pinkfood, on the other hand, faithful to its philosophy, cares about your health and presents you with products that are truly suitable for those who want to eat healthy and with few calories. 

These are common foods that we bring to the table every day, but much lighter and with a reduced calorie content. 

Why give up what we like best if we can find a light alternative?


Staying in shape and not betraying your principles: Pinkfood also dedicates a space to vegans, with a vast assortment of foods without ingredients of animal origin.

From ice cream to cookies, you can really find everything. And don't think that these are tasteless products! Indeed, it will surprise you to see that the proposals are appetizing and all with tastes that you will want to try. 

Gluten free

But Pinkfood does not forget those who have to give up some foods due to intolerances and has chosen to reserve a range of products just for them. And here is a page dedicated entirely to those looking for gluten-free foods. 

Celiacs here can really let their imagination run wild and find their trusted market to shop at 360 degrees without risking not finding what they are looking for. 

In addition to classic foods such as gluten-free bread and pasta, there is also space here for condiments, oils, gravies, sauces, so you don't have to go around multiple points of sale to check off everything you need on your shopping list weekly.


Pinkfood is the enemy of sugar. If you're wondering why, just think that the brand is very attentive to the needs of diabetics and is in a position to offer them its support in adopting a healthy but sugar-free diet. 

Only for diabetics? Absolutely not! The proposed sugar-free foods are suitable for all those who feel the need to limit added sugars in most of the foods sold, for diet or simply health reasons.

Here too the choice is wide and allows you to take care of your body without giving up. 

Pinkfood reviews: your feedback

We have described the products and listed the most interesting proposals: but what do customers really think?

Pinkfood reviews: we have reached the moment where we give voice to those who have personally tested the online shop and expressed their point of view, which can certainly help the consumer who still has some doubts about the brand.

Here are some straight from Trustpilot!

Pinkfood reviews: what customers say about the products

PinkfoodShop is a shop stocked with lots of keto and low carb products, which I previously had to buy individually, sometimes even abroad.

I have already placed three orders and I really recommend it to everyone, speed and attention in shipping are their strong points!

Lots of selected products to choose from, excellently packaged packages really thinking about the person who bought it!!

I found Dukan biscuits on their website at the lowest price ever (shops and web), and I'm already on my second order. Very fast service, absolute courtesy and they sent the products in the thermal container without charging me for them.

The land of toys where you can find everything and for all tastes! Thank you Pinkfood!

Fast and intuitive purchase, even from the app. High quality products, often unobtainable in Italy for those with various taste or health needs (even ketogenic or protein choices). Great experience!

Pinkfood reviews: what customers say about the service

What to say? This shop is excellent in every respect: variety of products, value for money, assistance and attention to the customer, care in packaging the products. Since I discovered Pinkfoodshop just over a year ago, I haven't given up on it! Barbara and Nicola are a guarantee!

Very good site very punctual and the recommended products are excellent

The best stocked online shop I've ever visited! Barbara, the owner, as well as being very kind and super prepared! Fast shipping and careful packaging. 5 deserved stars

This shop is outstanding! Careful selection of quality products, super-fast shipping and optimal customer support. Great experience! Now my go-to shop for low carb and keto products, as well as vegan!

I have now become a regular customer. Excellent choice, excellent quality, great attention to the customer and excellent assistance

These are just a few of the reviews that describe Pinkfood's dedication to the customer, their health and good wholesome food.

If you are interested in buying something, even to try it and then give your opinion, here is the code to use to take advantage of an unmissable discount!

Use the code NG2206 to get the 10% discount