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Oxytocin, food and emotional ties: this is what we focus on in this article which aims to clarify the link between some foods and the production of the so-called love hormone.

Starting from the definition of oxytocin, we will discover together what its functions are and where it operates within human life, and then analyze together the most common foods that contain oxytocin.

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What is oxytocin and what is it for?

Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that seems to have correlations with the most important affective functions. It originally got its name for its role in childbirth and breastfeeding. In fact, these were the moments in which the greatest quantity of oxytocin released in the woman's body was recorded. So it served to indicate the hormone capable of strengthening the bond between mother and child.

Over time, however, its influence has also been recognized in other emotional spheres, from affective to sexual ones. This is because oxytocin is used to:

  • Foster ties;
  • Stimulate sexuality;
  • Create empathy;
  • Give emotional well-being;
  • Determine social ties;
  • Decrease stress.

In essence, it is thanks to oxytocin that we are able to bond with other people, create stable bonds and have feelings for someone.

Where does oxytocin work?

The love hormone acts on several fronts to guide our affectivity throughout life. In particular, there are three moments in which its power is felt:

  1. Childbirth and breastfeeding;
  2. Emotional sphere;
  3. sexual sphere.

Childbirth is an intense moment that leads to the birth of a new life. What moment is more suitable than this to produce oxytocin? Especially in labor it plays a crucial role because it stimulates contractions, and immediately after birth it helps to secrete milk and create the mother-child bond.

Kisses, hugs and cuddles between two people are often determined by the love hormone. These are gestures that demonstrate affection towards another person with whom a deep bond is established. Not only between lovers, but also between friends and relatives. In practice, oxytocin affects all interpersonal ties.

And then of course it finds fertile ground in the sexual sphere, stimulating desire in men and women alike. Its special component in this sphere is to bind two people by directing them towards monogamy and thus favoring the birth of the couple and not acting only on the basis of instincts and physical sensations.

Food oxytocin: where to find it?

Oxytocin, as already mentioned, is a hormone produced in humans spontaneously. Yet it is possible to stimulate its production through nutrition. Did you know?

So let's talk about which foods are rich in oxytocin in this handy list.


oxytocin foods

Famous for its aphrodisiac power, chocolate is also an excellent food able to stimulate the production of the love hormone. And it could only be at the top of this list with a focus on "food oxytocin". But be careful which variety you choose: milk chocolate doesn't have the same power as dark chocolate, which is really linked to falling in love and sexuality.

Walnuts and almonds

Rich in Omega 3, walnuts are among the foods most linked to the production of oxytocin. In fact, they allow the release of neurotransmitters that take care of emotional well-being and act against stress. And the same power is also performed by almonds, which are good for the body also for other important benefits.


The essential fatty acids present in avocados are linked to the production of oxytocin. In addition to being a fruit rich in properties and even being appreciated in dietary regimes, such as in the keto diet, we now discover that it also has the ability to strengthen ties and establish solid relationships.

Oysters and clams

Even seafood usually has the reputation of being aphrodisiacs and therefore stimulating hormones related to the sexual sphere. Well, they also fall into the category of “oxytocin foods” which serve not only to increase libido but also to produce the love hormone in higher concentrations.


Just a little is enough, even in the form of juice, to receive its full power. What is pomegranate able to do in the body? It basically produces estrogen, testosterone and oxytocin: an explosive bomb to create really strong bonds. Furthermore, it is also good for health because it is rich in vitamins.


Here too Omega 3 fats play a primary role in the production of oxytocin. Also known to improve and increase testosterone, salmon is a fish that must be eaten often as it also provides the body with vitamin D.


Its fragrant fragrance and sweet taste make vanilla an excellent ingredient for recipes, essential oils and room fragrances. We find it everywhere: have you ever wondered why? In addition to being intoxicating and delicate to smell, it is capable of penetrating the body with simple breathing, producing oxytocin in quantity. 


oxytocin foods

Tasty and juicy, strawberries aren't many people's favorite summer fruit just because of their flavor! We seem to have a direct link to oxytocin production and increased sexual desire. And so it falls among the foods richest in oxytocin which are also considered aphrodisiacs and stimulants.


As the last item on this list that summarizes foods with oxytocin we find another fruit: the banana. But that's not the only benefit it brings to the body. In fact, it contains essential vitamins and fats and releases a general well-being that fights everyday fatigue and stress. If you do not follow a low-calorie diet, it can be included in the daily menu without fear.

Oxytocin: only with food?

In addition to stimulating the love hormone through food, it is also possible to stimulate its production through other spheres concerning the person's social life and which lead to serenity and happiness of the senses. Any examples?

  • Yoga;
  • Massages and aromatherapy;
  • Meditation;
  • Dance.

These are activities that promote a state of general well-being. Therefore, any other activity that can achieve this goal becomes a source of oxytocin and must be replenished often in your life together with the foods mentioned above.

The combined action of foods and relaxing activities that determine inner peace becomes the ideal formula for stimulating the production of oxytocin without having to resort to other artificial remedies that integrate the hormone in another way.

And you, what foods do you usually consume in your daily life? Keep an eye on the list we have provided: if you recognize that they are not on your shopping list, immediately try to remedy them. Oxytocin is essential in human life to strengthen affection and develop a sense of serenity that helps to live better.