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In the era of great increases we are experiencing, finding a supermarket that sells products at reasonable prices is not easy at all.

Among all different flyers and market brochures, we often spend most of our time going back and forth between one shop and another to buy food and household goods on promotional offers. 

The result? Stress, wasted time and a lot of confusion!

That's why the prospect of buying online becomes not only attractive but also advantageous for saving, not only on products but also on how to purchase.

Who among you knows and buys from Esselunga?  

Online shopping Esselunga reviews: this is the watchword of today's article, which aims to introduce you to a world full of opportunities where you can find everything you need at home… without leaving home!

Who is Esselunga?

long S is the name that boasts a very ancient historical tradition. We are in 1957, when for the first time it enters the market with its first store.

Since then it has refined its sales techniques, expanded its product range, created savings opportunities for consumers and opened the door to innovations, with fidelity cards and online purchases.

In short, a name that has made its way and which today is synonymous with convenience and guarantee.

Its greatest revolution dates back to 2001, when it offered its products in e-commerce mode for the first time on the market. For some it was a gamble, but in the light of today's results we can see that it was a strategic move that today makes it a staple for many consumers.

Home shopping with Esselunga

Online shopping Esselunga reviews

Esselunga's success is based on the concept of online home shopping. As many stores have recently accustomed us to, shopping from the comfort of home has many advantages in terms of time and practicality. But that's not the only reason:

  • convenient products
  • fresh and quality products (even Organic products!);
  • wide choice;
  • competitive offers;
  • ease of payment.

By improving and updating the old model of traditional markets, which entrusted the trusted boy with the task of delivering the products at home, Esselunga takes advantage of technological innovations to offer an even faster and more functional service.

In fact, you don't need to go there, but fill your trolley directly from home with the daily shopping you need, being able to make a comparison with other supermarkets and choose carefully and personally from the offers offered.

And everything arrives within a very short time directly at home! Today it seems normal, but at the time of its introduction on the market it was a novelty that immediately conquered it and set an example for many other realities.

Once it was appreciated only by the most innovators, but today it is the ideal service for those who have little time and for those who have difficulty moving around, such as the elderly or the sick.

How shopping works with Esselunga

Buying from Esselunga is really easy, but you need a PC connected to the web (or a smartphone).

This is the only essential requirement to be able to access the service. In fact, purchases are made only if you have an account on the site, where you must register with your data.

Obviously these are essential to be able to receive the chosen products at home.

Registration takes place only the first time, then only the credentials will be required for subsequent accesses. However, in your private area you will always be able to access your orders, points balance and promotions.

To protect the safety of its customers, Esselunga uses all current regulations, also using the secure connection, but since payment data is also entered, it is always advisable to avoid sharing access data with third parties.

How payments work

Depending on the type of expense made, the payment methods are different:

  • credit card
  • prepaid card
  • cash on delivery

On this last point it is necessary to make a clarification. Usually when payments are accepted at the time of delivery, these can be made in cash.

Esselunga on this distances itself from other stores: it does not accept cash but you will always have to pay by card or debit card. And there's no point trying to get the delivery man to make an exception! By regulation he absolutely cannot turn a blind eye, otherwise he risks his job!

After receiving the shopping you can still keep the receipt just like in the supermarket, while to get the invoice you need to make the request before submitting the order.

Pros and cons of buying with Esselunga

The advantages of the service offered by Esselunga are quite evident: home shopping, offers and many payment methods at your disposal.

But there are also some limitations that need to be underlined:

  • It is not active everywhere. Unfortunately the distribution chain does not ship to all of Italy but only to the north.
  • There are quantity and weight limits for purchases (for example for water and other soft drinks).
  • There are quantity limits for some products on offer.
  • If a product is missing at the time of delivery, it cannot be changed by modifying the order.
  • You must be precise in the delivery times and be found at home, otherwise the order will be canceled (but the shopping will still be paid!)
  • There is a minimum amount to be respected to make purchases.

However, it must be said that there are many concessions especially for the elderly and the disabled, who certify their condition with the appropriate certification.

Online shopping Esselunga reviews

In conclusion, Esselunga meets expectations.

The site is well organized and offers a clear overview of the products for sale. Furthermore, deliveries are punctual and carried out with care.

But what do people who have tried it think? As always, we like to give you the voice and the last word, so read carefully the reviews on Esselunga which can help you decide whether the service is promoted or rejected.

Online shopping Esselunga reviews

Excellent home delivery service

Excellent assortment of products, you can find a lot of things that other supermarkets don't have

Excellent supermarket in terms of quality and price

Online shopping, very clear app, very kind and prepared, patient call center service. I'm very happy

Excellent supermarket chain that offers a good variety of products often at more attractive than average prices

Good quality products and excellent home shopping service!! My salvation in times of covid

I really like it both because they save me time and then because with this shopping method I can really only buy what I need

Customer for years, in comparison with other supermarkets it wins in quality and convenience, above all for the vast quantity of products on offer and for the smart and esselunga discount lines.