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Electric or stick diffusers, inebriating oils and essences: how many have you tried to perfume your home? In search of the most suitable diffuser for one's needs, which perhaps can also act as a piece of furniture, we often range from one type to another without finding peace.

Today we want to give you some useful advice to make your choice, paying particular attention to the characteristics that the speaker must have, also based on the place where it will be placed.

Because the diffuser is not only an accessory but also the means to retrace emotions, relax, create an atmosphere and dedicate oneself to one's mental well-being. 

So let's find out how to choose the best perfume diffusers for large environments, both at home and in the office. 

Home fragrance diffuser: what is it for?

For a long time now, scented candles have given way to more modern room fragrance diffusers. The purpose is the same, that is to perfume the house, releasing a fruit or flower fragrance, which spreads through all the rooms and envelops them with its essences. 

These are the formats that have changed over time, highlighting the importance of a more practical diffuser, with an attractive design and a more prolonged release of perfume. 

This is why room diffusers have taken hold in our homes, from the simplest ones with sticks to the electric ones, much more functional and also aesthetically impactful.

Before buying one of these, choosing among the best perfume diffusers for large environments or for small businesses, it is advisable to know their characteristics. This is why we want to describe them one by one and give you the opportunity to understand which one best meets your needs, at home or in a wider environment such as the workplace.

Room diffusers: design and format

What are you looking for in a room diffuser? Before making your choice, you need to understand if you prefer a lasting perfume, a solution for small environments, a product that is also attractive as an accessory to enrich the beauty of the home or maybe just a tool that helps you indulge in a well-deserved relaxation after a day intense work. 

The design and the format, therefore, become determining factors in the purchase of a diffuser for environments. So let's see what the market offers us.

Diffusers with sticks

Classic and easy to use, reed diffusers are the solution for those who don't have many pretensions but just want to inebriate the house with the chosen fragrance. 

Made with natural materials, they consist of the bottle containing the essential oil and the sticks which, soaking in this oil, release the fragrance into the environment in which they have been placed. 

The result is a uniform perfume, not too intense, which spreads only in the environment in which it is located. In fact, here is its defect: it is absolutely not suitable for large environments! The design is not particularly sophisticated but still looks good in an elegant living room.

Spray diffusers

The air fresheners in the spray version are not furnishing accessories at all, but only practical and temporary solutions that serve to perfume a room that is not particularly large. They are suitable for people who want immediate but not too long-lasting solutions, which can refresh the environment and make it more welcoming. 

Their formulation is natural and does not harm human health or any pets in the house. 

The advantage of this type of room perfume is that it can be used whenever you want: just a few sprays are enough to perfume the room and eliminate bad smells in the kitchen or simply that stuffy smell that you often feel at home in the evening when you come back after a long day out.

Electric room speakers

Electric room speakers are a completely different category from those just listed. Their peculiarity is that they don't just release fragrances that envelop the entire house, but that they do so by creating an atmosphere and also acting as a rich furnishing accessory. 

Naturally, they need electricity to work, so compared to the previous ones, they are only good if there is light, but that's the only limit they have!

Depending on the format chosen, they can be placed in both small and large rooms and release a constant scent that runs out only when the water in the tank runs out.

For this reason, a minimum of maintenance is necessary: you need to make sure that it is connected to the socket and that it contains water before turning it on, to then let yourself be conquered by its citrus scent, or perhaps by the sea breeze or flowers, depending on your taste.

How do electric diffusers work?

If you have never bought an electric diffuser, don't be afraid of not being able to use it on the first attempt! The steps to take are so simple that you won't have any problems and you will immediately be able to enjoy its enveloping scent.

You just have to pay attention to the indications present directly in the tank, which indicate the exact point not to be exceeded for the water capacity. Then insert the drops of essential oil and turn it on. 

The game is done! From that moment on, the essences will be sprayed into the environment and will perfume the chosen room until the water runs out. 

Not satisfied with the perfume? No problem: simply change the water and add the mix of perfumes you have chosen to totally change the atmosphere and scent of the house.

Did you know that there are different perfumes for every environment? 

In the bedroom it is better to choose essences that promote sleep and allow you to sleep well, such as lavender or mandarin.

On the other hand, in the study or work environment, bergamot is more suitable, but also grapefruit and lemon, which are essences known to promote memory and concentration.

Furthermore, there is no need to exaggerate with the quantity of drops to insert in the diffuser because very few are enough for a lasting and intoxicating result.

Electric room speakers: the best in terms of design and functionality

By now it is clear, our choice inevitably falls on the loudspeakers for electric environments.

The reasons are different and must be sought both in the design and in its functionality. But this is not only a good reason for those who buy them for the home, but it is also an incisive factor for offices and large environments, which want to combine the useful and the pleasant, associating an effective tool with its aesthetics, which can respond to the lines of the furniture, classic or contemporary, and give a more elegant touch to the environment.

And here there are truly glamorous speakers for electric environments on the market!

They range from the shabby chic style to the more modern one, up to the minimal one, characteristic of perfumers for professional environments.

But in addition to their captivating aesthetics, there are a number of features that lead to choosing them among all the competing types. 

Effectiveness and durability, as well as ease of use, are not all they offer. In fact, we can say that they are also a valid wellness tool, which allows the mind and body to relax thanks to its perfumed essences and the atmosphere it generates in the environment.

The electric diffusers for environments allow you to do:

  • aromatherapy
  • chromotherapy

Even in beauty centers and spas, where relaxation is a must, these types of diffusers are used to help isolate oneself from the world and indulge in the well-being of the senses. 


What does it take to indulge in a few moments of aromatherapy? Diffusers, essential oil, atmosphere. Freeing your mind by letting yourself be conquered by the fragrances released by the diffuser is the best way to relax. 

It is a chemical matter: the olfactory receptors absorb the fragrances of essential oils which then go directly to the brain. Here, chemicals are released that relax the nervous system and also affect mood.


Chromotherapy is also known as “color therapy”. So what does it have to do with the electric diffusers that perfume the environment?

Some of the best perfume diffusers for large or medium-sized environments also have this function: to color the environment and give an even more suggestive atmosphere. 

Ideal for those who want to rediscover physical and mental well-being: in addition to inebriating with their perfumed essences, they also diffuse colored lights that spread throughout the room with a tenuous intensity. 

The soft light, changing color, helps the mind find peace and indulge in moments of pure relaxation.

Best perfume diffusers for large rooms: how to choose

Especially in large rooms, the choice of electric diffuser is very important, because it must respond to factors such as efficiency, duration and aesthetics. 

First of all, therefore, the type, the quality of the vaporizer, the performance of the device and of course the format based on the environment in which it is to be positioned must be evaluated. 

If the environment is very large, it is necessary to buy a diffuser capable of spreading fragrances and water vapor throughout the room. That's why the choice must also be made by paying attention to the square meters of the environment to fully exploit all the potential of the instrument. 

In principle, these are the basic guidelines to follow:

  • Up to 10 m² a 100 ml format is enough.
  • Between 10 and 20 m², the 250 ml format is ideal.
  • From 20 to 30 m², it is better to opt for the 500 ml format.
  • From 30 to 50 m² you need the 1-litre one.
  • In even larger spaces it is necessary to purchase speakers of over 2 liters, purely professional and born for offices and industries.

Or another solution is to place two diffusers, the important thing is that they are positioned on opposite sides of the room and that we have the same fragrance.

As for the duration, a 100 ml electric diffuser lasts up to about three hours. For large environments, by opting for diffusers of at least 500 ml, the duration is also extended and can even reach 10 hours depending on the size of the tank.

And then there's the noise that needs to be kept under control: some are very quiet because they work through ultrasound and may be more suitable in offices where silence is maintained to favor concentration.

Best perfume diffusers for large rooms: our choice

After a careful selection, we present our choice in terms of electric diffusers for large rooms.

For us the best on the market today is Flavor ruffles, a Norwegian brand that focuses on quality and design, offering different proposals to be a highly efficient but also high-fashion product for any type of environment. 

The Scandinavian lines, classy for an elegant but also more minimal environment, are combined with well-made materials for a truly surprising result from every point of view. 

The Volant diffuser is made in porcelain. The choice fell precisely on this material because it is more durable and resistant, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Inside, the diffuser has been designed with a ceramic plate that releases water vapor and diffuses the fragrance into the room when essential oils are added.

The innovative technology of the Volant diffuser 

The diffuser Ruffles is an electric ultrasonic diffuser. What does that mean in simple terms? 

In practice, it exploits the power of ultrasound to perfume the environment and release essential oils. And it does so through that ceramic plate which is part of its design, and which reproduces these sound waves (not perceived by humans) which mix with water and fragrances and nebulise them into the surrounding air. 

The diffuser, coupled with the essential and aromatic oils sold in combination, are the solution for a home or even a very large room, such as a large office, to guarantee enveloping and long-lasting scents, no noise and an interesting aesthetic, which is fine right on each different furniture. 

What do we like best? Each piece is an absolutely one-of-a-kind creation!

In fact, Volant is committed to artisan production and each diffuser is handmade: therefore you will never be able to find two pieces that are truly identical.

Curiosity about the world of Volant loudspeakers

When we present a product as a first choice we like to know everything about its history and that of Volant has literally conquered us!

Did you know that its creator in the very early stages of his fledgling business delivered goods by bicycle? He personally created them at home and then distributed them, all by himself!

Well, when a product is worth it, fame and popularity are not long in coming and so today it has a huge company with a trusted team that supports and supports it in production. 

Essential oils for Volant diffusers

The essential oils of the Volant room diffuser are natural at 100%.

Simple and genuine, its founder has always put quality first and could only choose natural ingredients in his products. Plus, they're organic, non-toxic, and even vegan because they don't use animal-derived ingredients and aren't tested on animals. 

Even the packaging is sustainable, to give greater attention to environmental issues.

Volant oils have fresh and intense fragrances. They come directly from nature and its extracts, such as berries, bark, fruits or flowers. 

Why do we like them? They have the significant characteristic of evaporating quickly and leaving the perfume in the room for a long time, even if it is very large. 

They are really suitable for those who want to indulge in aromatherapy moments, with the dual result of inebriating the rooms with perfume but also relaxing the mind, energizing and promoting well-being in both body and mind.

Have you ever tried to relax by combining the effectiveness of the speakers and that of the yoga? A real panacea to get rid of stress and tiredness. 

Finally there is another factor that should not be underestimated: these essential oils have the power to fight infections and bacteria, so they are also strong allies to improve your health. 

Best perfume diffusers for large environments: other proposals

But in the international market there are also other possibilities that we compare to give you the opportunity to make an accurate and studied choice.

So here are two other excellent electric perfume diffusers that may interest you:

The former is great for both aromatherapy and chromotherapy, with a 7-color light, timer and other interesting settings. 

It can stay up and running for a whopping 8 hours, and as well as being silent, it runs on ultrasonic technology.

The second has the same effectiveness, but in addition has modern features such as voice command. Compatible with major devices such as Apple and Alexa, it turns on at the simple sound of your voice. 

It also has a remote control to adjust its functions and modes and can be customized through a practical app. Also in this case we are talking about a diffuser that uses ultrasound and has a capacity of 400 ml for even very large rooms. 

Both solutions also act as a humidifier and represent the latest generation in the sector to respond to everyone's psycho-physical needs and for total well-being. 

Comparison of products: diffusers for environments

To make your choice easier, here is our comparison table between the three products, with functions and advantages. You will thus be able to better evaluate what you are looking for in a diffuser and begin to relax with its perfumed aromas to improve sleep, mental well-being and even your energies, stimulating the senses in a natural way.

Flavor ruffles

Editorial board


The diffuser and its essential and aromatic oils are the solution for a home or even a very large room. It offers enveloping and long-lasting fragrances, no noise and an interesting and unique aesthetic for each piece, which adapts to any different decor. 


Flavor ruffles

Editorial board


The diffuser and its essential and aromatic oils are the solution for a home or even a very large room. It offers enveloping and long-lasting fragrances, no noise and an interesting and unique aesthetic for each piece, which adapts to any different decor. 


Flavor ruffles

Editorial board


The diffuser and its essential and aromatic oils are the solution for a home or even a very large room. It offers enveloping and long-lasting fragrances, no noise and an interesting and unique aesthetic for each piece, which adapts to any different decor.