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If you think that choosing intimate soap is unimportant, you are completely wrong!

Whether you are a man or a woman, you must pay close attention to the choice of intimate cleanser because if you make a choice that is not suitable for your physicality, you really risk having annoying problems.

Don't believe it? Then read this article carefully which focuses on men's underwear, too often underestimated even by those directly concerned. 

But that's not all: we help you choose the best men's intimate soap, explaining why it is our first choice in the men's intimate cleaning sector.

To each his own pH

Why does everyone have to choose a certain intimate cleanser? Simple, it's all about the pH!

The pH changes from person to person and is also different at different stages of life, especially in women.

The difference that determines a type of pH is given by its value which establishes its acidity. There are three types:

– acid

- neutral

– basic or alkaline 

A urine check is enough to know your degree of acidity and consequently to understand which detergent to choose that is suitable for yours skin.

After having learned this important information concerning one's body, one can make an accurate analysis of the factors we are looking for in an intimate, non-aggressive and delicate soap, which also has other important functions.

The criteria for choosing the best men's intimate soap

Intimate cleansing should always be done once a day, although it is preferable to get this habit done both in the morning and in the evening. As always, the middle ground is the right solution for everyone: not too little, but not too often, otherwise you risk irritating the interested parties.

There are really many types of intimate cleansers on the market and to make a well-considered choice it is necessary to pay attention to some very specific factors:

  • Men's intimate soap must be delicate and respect the pH in order to maintain the natural balance of the skin;
  • It must not contain aggressive surfactants that can cause irritation or infection;
  • If it has an antibacterial action, it's better, especially in the case of people who play a lot of sport;
  • Avoid choosing too perfumed detergents but give priority to natural ingredients and neutral perfumes;
  • If in line with your pH, you can also choose an anti-odour soap that always has a delicate action.
  • Take age into account: in childhood you have different needs than in adulthood and it is not advisable to always use the same detergent from an early age, keeping it throughout your life.

Warning: do not make the mistake of using for intimate cleaning the detergent you usually use for cleaning the body and above all the one that your partner uses. Choose your cleaner carefully and make sure it is personal, for daily and safe use.

In most cases, the ideal cleanser for men has a neutral or slightly acidic pH (around 5.5).

Best men's intimate soap: our pick

In light of what has been said so far, do you want to know which is the best men's intimate soap in our opinion?

Well, we focus on the Saugella brand, a guarantee for over 40 years in intimate cleansing, for both men and women, and also with specific solutions in more delicate situations.

Saugella man it is ideal to be used by everyone having a physiological pH that respects all skin types. 

best men soap

Its strengths? In addition to the pH, it also performs an anti-odour function, giving freshness and relief for daily use. 

Its formulation is very delicate, based on extracts of components such as Eugenia caryophyllus and Helichrysum italicum, ideal for conferring well-being without irritating or giving unpleasant burning sensations.

Many come to this solution after trying different types that in the long run caused discomfort to the private parts. Saugella is a brand that takes care of the person especially in the most delicate parts and has created this all-male version to guarantee a natural non-aggressive but effective cleansing for men too.

Delicate, with a not too intense aroma and with the ability to give immediate freshness, it is well tolerated for all types of needs. 

Why choose Saugella Man

The reasons that lead to choosing this intimate soap and electing it as the best on the market are different:

  • Vegetable ingredients
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action
  • Refreshing and deodorant action
  • Mild low foaming surfactants
  • Physiological pH 5.5

Even the price, apparently higher than the common detergents you can find at the supermarket, is actually particularly competitive, as it responds perfectly to the right quality/price ratio, but also because it concerns a 500 ml bottle which must be diluted with the water. 

On balance, you consume a very small amount of it every day for a truly remarkable duration. 

Don't make the mistake of using it in abundance by adding another quantity during washing because you see that it produces little foam: it is its prerogative to preserve its natural qualities to the detriment of very foaming but more aggressive ingredients.


The brand can boast a satisfaction rate of 99% and it is no small achievement. This is because it respects the skin's needs without altering the pH or causing irritation, even after frequent washing. 

In fact, contraindications are very rare and fall within that small 1% of people who have tried the product and found it not suitable for their body.

In these very rare cases, burning or swelling have been found linked to a hypersensitivity of the skin which has not found correspondence with the components used for the formulation of Saugella Uomo. In these situations, the ideal is to talk to your doctor and choose with him, after a thorough visit, the best men's intimate soap to use to avoid discomfort of this type.

Here are our recommendations

We therefore choose Saugella Uomo: and you?

Whatever product you decide to use for your intimate cleansing, remember some general rules that must always be respected:

  • wash every day
  • dedicate time to thorough and non-rough cleaning
  • use the cleanser even after sexual intercourse
  • consult your doctor if you experience redness or other more or less temporary discomfort
  • avoid using only water to wash but cleanse with a delicate product even after sport or if you are in a hurry.

Now it's up to you to make your choice and take on the good habit of giving the right weight to daily intimate cleaning to prevent infections, the proliferation of bacteria and any irritations related to sweating or other factors.