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Even if summer is drawing to a close, the "cellulite" problem for women remains relevant in every season.

Yet having 9 months available before showing off your physique at the sea again can also be good: there's plenty of time to run for cover and start an intensive treatment with the best anti-cellulite cream on the market.

Yes, but which one? As always, here we are ready to give you all the most useful tips along with some advice on how to use them and on the most renowned brands.

How to choose the best cellulite cream

Eliminating cellulite is an open war that we women constantly fight: but why not aim high, using the top of the range as an ally that fights this annoying skin blemish?

Today we aim for the best anti-cellulite cream: effective, immediate and able to guarantee long-lasting effects with constant use.

best cellulite cream

We are not looking for the Holy Grail, but for a valid product that can solve the problem without wasting time.

Choosing a cream against cellulite, however, is not easy at all, this must be recognized. There are many, perhaps too many, products of different lines on the market that respond to this need and deciding which one to rely on often becomes complicated. 

That is why it is worth dwelling on its requirements to understand which type is right for each case.

Before finding out which in our opinion is the best anti-cellulite cream of the moment, let's discover the different characteristics that a product must have to treat this specific problem.

How to fight cellulite: the requirements of a valid cream

Starting from the assumption that a cream can have surprising results against cellulite, it should be noted that often it may not be enough. Nutrition, motor activity and drinking a lot of water are the fixed points on which to base yourself before integrating with creams that act locally on the affected areas.

What actions must a cream that fights cellulite perform? Here are its two most important tasks:

  • Harden
  • drain

The skin must become smooth and toned again, eliminating that so-called orange peel effect and the fatty deposits that cause embarrassment and discomfort.

Its action is best performed if it has the right ingredients, i.e. those active ingredients that act directly on the area and allow visible results.

Any examples? Extracts of avocado, jojoba, shea, horse chestnut, ivy, centella and caffeine.

Our Pick: Here is the best cellulite cream 

This time it was not easy to find the best choice in the vast sector of anti-cellulite cosmetics. Somatoline, Biopoint, Bionike, Lierac and Guam: the renowned brands for beauty care that offer interesting solutions are certainly not lacking. And they are all great choices!

But having to make a name, we focus on Collistar Crio Gel anti-cellulite, the body cream with a cold effect that stimulates microcirculation and the drainage of liquids.

The brand is already a guarantee of success: raise your hand if you haven't tried one of its beauty products at least once!

And in the field of blemishes, in our opinion, it has no rivals because it allows for daily maintenance and does not irritate the skin, given its very delicate ingredients and formulated even for the most sensitive skins.

Collistar Crio Gel Anti-cellulite

best cellulite cream

It comes with a very elegant packaging and a gel texture that acts on any type of cellulite with an immediate and long-lasting lifting effect.

The product has a cold effect: but what exactly does that mean?

To understand the motivation for this wording, it is necessary to rediscover the principles of cryotherapy, the treatment that brings enormous benefits to the body by subjecting it to very low temperatures for a few minutes.

After all, it is commonplace to be told that the cold is capable of firming up, isn't it? This is the guiding principle of the Collistar cream, which benefits the legs feeling much lighter and deflated.

After using it, the skin immediately appears more toned, smoother and very fresh, leaving a sweet citrus scent on it that you don't mind at all and which has effects related to aromatherapy.

The advantages of using Collistar Crio Gel Anti-cellulite

Now is the time to know its advantages. It goes without saying that it contrasts the cellulite, this is now a certified fact. But Collistar also gives us other intriguing reasons to seize the opportunity to buy a top product in the sector.

In summary, here's why to use the Collistar gel cream daily:

  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • It has a lifting effect
  • Gives the feeling of lightness and deflating
  • Stimulates the drainage of liquids
  • It gives a feeling of freshness
  • Minimize imperfections
  • It absorbs quickly
  • Its effects are long lasting

Those who have tried it have no doubts: today they wouldn't change it for any other product on the market, both for results and ease of use. Furthermore, it leaves you intoxicated by its perfume and with naturally softer skin.

How to use Collistar anti-cellulite cream: your questions

The enhanced formula of Collistar Crio Gel anti-cellulite cream is suitable for everyone. Unlike other products in the same range which are aimed at specific targets (relaxed tissues, sensitive skin, etc.) this cream treats cellulite in all its manifestations.

How to use? Using it is really simple: the gel must be applied only to the areas to be treated, rubbing and massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed. 

When to use it? The answer to this question depends on the results you want to achieve:

  • if you want to take advantage of its intensive action, it is recommended to use it twice a day. Its impact action will have immediate effects from the very first times.
  • if the goal is to maintain the results achieved so far, then it is sufficient to apply it only once a day.

And when is the best time to apply it on the skin? It certainly has excellent effects if applied immediately after the shower, also performing a moisturizing function on the affected parts.

In any case, it can be used in the morning, before going out, since its absorption capacity is truly one of its strengths. It does not leave streaks and does not stain, so you can decide to indulge in a massage even a few minutes before dress to go out.

In the evening, on the other hand, it is better to wait for the moment before going to sleep, to give it the opportunity to act even during the night and to smooth the skin in depth.

Where to buy Collistar Crio Gel Anti-cellulite

As the best anti-cellulite cream, Collistar Crio Gel anti-cellulite is not difficult to find and can be found in the best perfumeries and parapharmacies, as well as in online stores that sell beauty products.

And of course in all marketplaces. On Amazon you will also find unmissable offers to stock up and always keep this precious product at home, useful in all seasons, which fights cellulite in an absolutely natural way.

What are you waiting for to try?