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Increasingly frequent, neck pain or more commonly known as "cervical pain" requires immediate and increasingly innovative solutions.

From plasters to pillows, from massagers to self-heating bands, the market is now saturated with products that aim to relieve pain and bring lasting relief. 

But, despite the many innovations in the sector, there are still painkillers, certainly the most effective category in the treatment of neck disorders. 

Do you suffer from cervical pain too? Then you are in the right place to get some more information and find out which is the best pain reliever for the neck to buy right away. But don't worry, we will also give you some useful advice on other types of products which, together with the painkiller, can make you feel better and relieve that burning sensation that pervades your neck.

Neck pain, what it is and what it depends on

The so-called "cervical" pain is localized in the neck, exactly in the cervical tract, that is to say that part of the spine where the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, and nerve endings are located.

Those suffering from this disorder which in medical jargon is known as neck pain, feel sharp pains in the back of the neck, but also accuse other symptoms involving other spheres, such as vision or balance. 

Before seeing the most common symptoms closely, it is advisable to know the possible causes of this illness which never comes without a reason but is always the consequence of certain actions or inflammations. Here are which ones:

  • Assuming wrong postures, especially when sitting for a long time;
  • Experience strong muscle stiffness;
  • Have ongoing inflammation of the nerves;
  • Have more or less serious lesions of the intervertebral discs;
  • Take a breather;
  • Make sudden incorrect movements;
  • Have a stiff neck;
  • Sleeping badly because of a pillow that isn't right for you;
  • Being in a particularly stressful emotional state;
  • Having problems with the dental arches.

As it is clear, the causes are many and above all they are different from each other. So knowing how to identify them is already the first step in finding the right therapy to get better. But to understand if it's really cervical you need to recognize the symptoms. 

Cervical symptoms

best neck pain reliever

The symptoms of cervical disorder are quite varied, just like its causes. But it is above all the entity of the problem that must be paid attention to understand if it is a temporary event or one that instead needs to be kept under control over time because it is frequent and increasingly pressing and painful.

The most obvious symptom is pain in the lower neck. Unfortunately it is rare that it arrives alone and even more rare that it goes away on its own without causing particular disturbances. Most often it is accompanied by nausea, stiffness, tingling in the affected part and even dizziness.

You may also find it hard to move your neck (imagine a much more painful and persistent stiff neck!) and this often causes heachache, vision problems and also hearing problems, with constant ringing in the ear.

Tension, stiffening and of course pain are the symptoms that very often lead to a sort of blackout in daily activities, which are therefore necessarily paused in the acute phases and then resumed when the discomfort becomes more bearable.

As already mentioned, it always depends on the entity. In any case, however, all the symptoms, from the mildest to the most serious, are a limit for the person who therefore immediately seeks a remedy to feel better immediately.

Cervical: how to solve the problem

Temporary remedy or to be used continuously: it does not matter the type of solution adopted, what matters is solving the problem with healthy methods that do not harm your health. So beware of new age therapies that often not only don't help, but can make the solution worse and squander your money without getting results.

Sometimes it's enough to take a good look at the problem.

If the cervical depends on an unsuitable posture, simply assume different and more correct positions, or change the pillow if the disorder occurs punctually in the morning.

best neck pain reliever

Instead, if it's stress you have to pay attention to your psycho-physical state and take some preventative measures to feel better and relax. Or, when the neck depends on the cold, it is advisable to cover up more: in winter, use a practical neck warmer every time you go out, and in summer, avoid fans or air conditioners.

But if the problem concerns inflammation or injury, it is better to consult a doctor who will give you therapy aimed at your specific case. 

But how to find immediate relief? Resorting to the painkiller, indeed the best painkiller for the neck on the market. We therefore present our choice that you can submit to your doctor before using it if necessary.

Best neck pain reliever: Arthrolon

Arthrolon has been voted the best neck pain reliever currently on the market. 

It is a gel ointment with a strong anti-inflammatory action that immediately gives a feeling of relief for muscle or joint pain.

Why is it the first choice? It depends not only on its effectiveness, but also on its formulation. Only natural ingredients at 100% which therefore do not involve side effects of any kind for anyone, not even for people with more sensitive skin.

Here are its active ingredients:

  • Spirea extract, against inflammation and therefore capable of relieving pain.
  • Devil's claw extract. Powerful analgesic for bones and joints, as well as muscles.
  • Boswellia oil and hyaluronic acid for tissue regeneration.

Plus, it's super easy to use! Just apply a small amount to the affected area and massage gently. You will immediately feel the difference both in the pain which will begin to decrease, but also in any swelling which will gradually disappear. 

The new tools to find relief to keep at home

In addition to the best neck pain reliever to use in moments of acute pain, you will also find some useful tools that you can use at home, some even in a preventive manner.

For pain, there are also plasters that act according to the principle of self-heating. They give an immediate feeling of relief and are very practical to use with a patch function.

Here is an example: Cervical plasters

Or there are also self-heating bands, against muscle pain and without the need to resort to drugs. Their prolonged effect is the strong point of this natural and non-invasive remedy.

Here is an example: Self-heating band

You can then always resort to neck pillows, comfortable even when travelling, and massages, to "treat" the neck in a more constant and continuous way. Or you can try doing exercises to keep your neck moving and avoid the risk that a sedentary lifestyle could negatively affect the onset of the disorder.

The choice is yours, but don't neglect the problem because over time and with age it could get worse and require more targeted interventions.