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If you are looking for a fat burner with very high potential and which also confers some benefits to the body, we would like to introduce you to Mct Oil.

Who has had the pleasure of tasting the Bulletproof Coffee he already knows what we are talking about, as the basic ingredient of this and other strictly keto friendly preparations.

For all the others, however, we want to retrace the steps that have made it so famous today, in order to understand its effectiveness, especially as a supplement for losing weight and as an infallible method for replenishing energy.

So let's find out what it is and how it is used in the kitchen to amplify its functions.

MCT oil what is it?

Mct oil is a kind of fuel that produces energy in our body. In fact, the acronym Mct indicates medium-chain triglycerides which represent digestible, easy to absorb and energetic fats.

Medium-chain triglycerides are made up of one molecule of glycerol and three of fatty acids. 

Those contained in Mct Oil are:

  • C6 (caproic or hexanoic acid), 
  • C8 (caprylic or octanoic acid),  
  • C10 (capric or decanoic acid), 
  • C12 (lauric or dodecanoic acid).

The variant we will talk about today, and which is a true ally for losing weight in diets, is Mct c8 oil.

The peculiarity of this ingredient is that it has a concentration of triglycerides which is obtained through a fractionation process which extracts the Mcts and separates them from the coconut oil. In the case of Mct c8 oil we are talking about a percentage of 100%.

This explains why it is often also referred to as fractionated coconut oil, which differentiates it from ordinary coconut oil. But the differences are not only in its composition, but also in the benefits it brings to our body. Let's see them together.

Coconut oil for weight loss: The benefits of Mct c8 oil

The most obvious value of Mct c8 oil is that it is a fat that is not stored as a fat reserve!

You got it right, its ability to get directly to the liver makes it so special especially in slimming paths.

In the kitchen as in the daily beauty routine, it is one of the top ingredients to ensure benefits for the health of the body and skin, as it contains not only essential fatty acids, but also vitamins and antioxidants.

But we don't want to anticipate anything: here, then, are the obvious benefits of using Mct Oil to stay fit. 

Energy source

Mct Oil, easily absorbed, reaches the whole body faster and is transformed into energy (to then convert into ketones in the ketogenic diet). 

Its triglycerides, since they have fewer carbon atoms, become light and easy to digest. In fact, while their long-chain "colleagues" need bile to break down, medium-chain triglycerides can instead be used immediately as an energy source. This energy recharges the batteries of the whole body and especially the brain.

Using fats to produce immediate energy, it inevitably becomes an aid for sportsmen who need more energy to perform their exercises, especially if in a competitive way.  

It prevents any heart problems 

Mct c8 oil is also useful as a preventive remedy for heart disease. Among its properties is that of producing good cholesterol which, as is known, is essential to protect the heart.

Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory action, affects weight loss and also intervenes positively to regulate blood pressure.

Lowers high blood sugar levels

If you have high blood sugar problems, using Mct Oil can be a good solution to better restore health-risky peaks. In fact, it is capable of monitoring blood glucose levels by keeping them low and facilitating insulin resistance.

This factor helps not only to prevent diabetes, but also to burn fat and lose weight.

Facilitates digestion

Medium-chain fats are great for improving digestion. Being easy to digest, they counteract nutrient absorption problems and facilitate all functions of the digestive system.

Someone uses Mct oil even in cases of irritable bowel syndrome because it seems to have the power to soothe the disorders connected to this annoying problem that affects more and more people.

Cure for the skin

In skincare there is a prominent place for Mct Oil. Apparently it's great for skincare!

In fact, compared to ordinary coconut oil, this fractionated type is more liquid (even in lower temperatures) and therefore it becomes very easy to spread it at any time of the year. 

Then it is nourishing, easily absorbed and does not cause irritation to sensitive skin. 

Among its properties we mention:

  • antimicrobial properties, in fact it is often used to treat infections.
  • antibacterial property, strengthens the dermis and prevents infections.
  • moisturizing, ideal for dry skin or skin with acne

Promotes fat loss

Indicated in diets, especially of the ketogenic type, it helps to lose weight faster through the action of two hormones which increase the sense of satiety and therefore reduce that hunger which often arrives at various times of the day (especially before meals). 

Promotes the ketosis, it burns fat and therefore reduces the waistline by eliminating the extra pounds, especially on the thighs and buttocks, promoting fat loss.

And then it has very few calories! Compared, for example, to olive oil, up to 10% fewer calories can be recorded. 

Mct oil for weight loss

In the ketogenic diet, Mct Oil is a real tool to facilitate weight loss. The studies conducted so far have clearly demonstrated that in addition to being a powerful fat burner, it boosts the brain and stimulates the production of ketones.

So its dual value is manifested both in the energy charge, both physical and psychic, but also in developing the state of ketosis and maintaining it for longer. And that's why it's included in low carb and customized diets keto, which are based on ketosis.

This doesn't mean that it doesn't make you lose weight even if you don't follow a precise diet! That's right, if carbohydrates are reduced it acts much faster, but even under normal conditions it is capable of autonomously contributing to weight loss.

So the result will be to get back in shape, feel better and also improve cognitive faculties. And it doesn't hurt to have that explosive energy that allows you to be vital all day long. 

It is no coincidence that the ketogenic diet is famous Bulletproof Coffee, an energy drink in which MCT oil is one of the basic ingredients. At breakfast, it recharges more than any other meal and gives lasting energy for many hours, also giving a not indifferent sense of satiety.

How and where to use Mct Oil / Coconut Oil

The most frequent uses of Mct Oil are in the kitchen, in diets and in cosmetics.

In the culinary art, oil represents a fixed point, used both for cooking and for condiments. So why use fractionated coconut oil instead of olive oil? We have already anticipated that it contains much fewer calories, but that's not the only reason.

mct oil

Indeed it lasts much longer without losing its properties and without deteriorating. Then it is almost tasteless and therefore does not alter the final taste of the dishes prepared. Finally, it always remains very liquid without becoming dense even when kept in the fridge.

We have already anticipated that it helps to lose weight. Those who follow a ketogenic diet prefer it to other types both in the kitchen and as a simple supplement. A few spoonfuls a day are enough to benefit from its surprising effects.

In the cosmetics sector, on the other hand, it becomes one of the basic ingredients for skin products. 

Its soothing and refreshing functions, as well as the ability to hydrate even the driest skin, have led it to become essential in many beauty products, from massage oil to hair products.

It is widely used in beauty centers because it facilitates the massaging action, given its very fluid consistency and its regenerating power.

Even alone it can have its place within the beauty routine. Mixed with other body or face products, it helps them become less sticky and easier to apply.

For example, try it with hand cream and you will notice the difference!

Mct oil: where to buy?

But where can we find Mct Oil? If you haven't seen it at the supermarket where you usually shop, don't be alarmed. It means that they are not stocked yet but they certainly will be soon!

Our favorite is Simply Keto's Coconut Oil which you can find at Pink Food and using the discount code NG2206 you are entitled to a 10% discount at checkout.

keto mct oil

In fact, the fame of Mct oil is becoming increasingly widespread and the fact that it is indispensable in low-carb diets increases the need to find it everywhere. 

Mct oil online can be found without any difficulty. Online keto food shops have a large assortment, but many marketplaces also carry it along with other kitchen products. 

In principle, therefore, it is a type of fractionated oil that can be found both on the web and in physical stores, especially pharmacies, natural foods or specialize in sports nutrition.

Contraindications mct oil: pay attention to the doses!

The only contraindication to the use of Mct c8 Oil is any overdose. This mainly depends on the fact that we are talking about medium-chain triglycerides that the body can take in small doses, not being used to it.

Ingesting large quantities of bang could therefore generate unpleasant complications.

It is necessary to calculate the correct dosage on the basis of one's own metabolism and also considering any eating habits or current diets as determining factors. In the case of a keto diet obviously the quantities must be increased. 

One or at most two teaspoons a day is the recommended dose to prevent the stomach from rejecting it and episodes of diarrhea or cramps (which are transient episodes, however) may occur.

So rely on the advice of the nutritionist or doctor (or on the instructions on the package leaflet that explains how to use Mct Oil correctly).

These doses are then added. So if you put a teaspoon in the salad, then remember not to overdo it later, perhaps adding it to both smoothies and drinks. 

It is also the basic ingredient of Bulletproof Coffee, so if you have filled up on the energy drink at breakfast, avoid taking other doses during the day.

How to use it to benefit from its properties

Always in compliance with the recommended doses, Mct Oil can be used in different ways within a personalized slimming program. 

Whether it's in powder or natural in liquid form, it can be added to any meal or drink.

Protein shakes, coffee, chocolate, but also broth or soups and salads with any vegetables. 

In short, it is an oil that goes well with everything, but if you haven't already done so, you must try it in drinks because its creamy result will win you over, erasing all your initial skepticism.

And then, even those who do not follow a specific diet can take advantage of the action of the triglycerides contained in these oils. 

Some idea? Add it when making pancakes, chia pudding (great for ketogenic!), pancakes or pies. 

But don't use it for frying. The result would be very disappointing.

If, on the other hand, you are not a lover of cooking and you don't feel like dabbling with new recipes, you can always choose it in the form of an energy bar or other snacks and products that are made with Mct c8 oil, which is what we have described in this article. .

Some final advice

So be careful not to confuse it with other oils that have different types of fatty acids, to avoid seeing your expectations disappointed, especially if you want a fat burner to lose weight that also has other healthy functions for the body.

And also be careful not to make the mistake of thinking that it is a common coconut oil and therefore one is as good as the other at the time of purchase. Mct c8 oil is a real concentrate of medium chain triglycerides, which instead are contained in much lower percentages in ordinary coconut oil. 

Now that we have given you the right tips, we are sure that you will know how to make the most of the intrinsic potential of Mct Oil and you will make it your best friend for an enviable physical shape and vitality never experienced before.