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Who knows the first online Spanish beauty salon?

We are talking about Maquibeauty, the brand that dedicates 100% focus to beauty and does it at no additional cost but reserving competitive prices for its customers to buy high quality brands.

Its history is fascinating because it has been close to market demands since its origins, to make the shopping experience not only simple and intuitive but also exciting. The best way to get attached to the brand and trust it.

But if you are among that niche that has not yet had the pleasure of getting to know Maquibeauty up close, don't be afraid of being left out: with this article we will accompany you on your discovery of the beauty store with a detailed Maquibeauty review that will satisfy all your curiosity.

Maquibeauty or Maquillalia?

We are in 2009 when a new online store appears on the horizon of the Spanish beauty world which immediately attracted all the attention. 

At the time it was known only by the name Maquillalia and with its low cost prices for important cosmetics it could only conquer most of the women who were attentive to their beauty.

Maquibeauty review

In fact, in its initial stages sales were limited to the Spanish country, but the growing demand and the unexpected success that occurred in a very short time led the brand to broaden its horizons and go even beyond its territory. 

So Maquillalia has become Maquibeauty and has also opened its doors to Italy. The headquarters always remain in Spain but shipments are now made practically everywhere.

5 good reasons to buy from Maquibeauty

Anyone who doesn't yet know the brand well and is hearing about it for the first time today may be wondering: why choose this online store among so many? The loyalists of Sephora and company certainly have perplexities about the foreign brand and need some input to try the shopping experience on this site as well.

We'll take care of giving you 5 excellent reasons to test the effectiveness of the service and the quality of the products. Here they are:

  • A very large assortment that contains over 15,000 products
  • A very simple site to use even for non-experts
  • No customs fees
  • Quality products from over 300 brands at really low prices
  • A Nature section with products dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics.

What do you think, have we convinced you? If that's still not enough for you (you're really picky!) then let's enter the world of Maquibeauty and find out what it's possible to find at affordable prices for everyone.

Maquibeauty, discount and quality

At a first glance at the site, one immediately gets lost in the many promotional offers of products for the daily beauty routine. 

Look for cosmetics for korean skincare? Are you looking for the latest trend products? Do you want tips to always be beautiful and well-groomed? 

Maquibeauty offers all this and even more, as there are entire sections dedicated to truly unmissable offers and even an outlet section, with products that can be purchased up to 80% off.

Furthermore, deliveries are very fast and respect the times indicated during the purchase phase.

And now let's browse the pages of this brand as if it were a fashion magazine and enjoy its beauty sections.

Maquibeauty: from new trends to classics

Maquibeauty review

Attentive to chasing every new trend, Maquibeauty is a brand that misses nothing. Indeed, it is not uncommon to also find unique opportunities for special edition products that the most loyal customers compete to have in their beauty case.

Without forgetting that to please everyone, and not a limited circle, it ranges from classic cosmetics to innovative products just released on the market. Let's see together its most interesting proposals.


Let's start with the news: Maquibeauty has an entire section exclusively dedicated to products that respond to the latest trends that we love to discover from the most successful influencers. 

And in order not to have an experience in the dark, you can also let yourself be guided by the stars under each product, which indicate the degree of appreciation of those who have already had the opportunity to try the product. Obviously in this section the stars may not yet have given us the innovative cut of the product, but you can be the first to review it!


In the special category are those limited edition collections that often refer to brands related to TV, such as Disney or Simpson.

But watch out for the countdown! After the indicated time, which includes just 24 hours, the cosmetic will disappear from the section and it will no longer be possible to purchase it at the top discounted price.


As the term suggests, outlet is the section dedicated to the end-of-season offers that can be found here at really bargain prices. But it also contains expiring cosmetics to support the campaign against waste and give new and incredible opportunities to customers who need them at that moment.

For transparency, the initial price is always visible, in order to fully understand the value of the offer and decide whether it is a real promo or it is better to leave it alone.


And then the section dedicated to wellness and health could not be missing. The Spanish brand deals here with its products typically available in parapharmacies or herbal medicine, and ensures advantageous prices.

Somatoline, Eucerin, La Roche Posay, Vichy are just some of the quality brands that find a dedicated space here.

Korea Zone

The most interesting discovery can be found in the section dedicated to Korean beauty. Maquibeauty offers its customers a wide range of cosmetics from Korea to give them oriental-style wellness sessions, exploiting the power of its natural ingredients and the tested efficacy of an innovative and increasingly sought-after beauty routine in the rest of the world as well.

And you will find all kinds of products: masks, creams and various beauty treatments to try.


And finally, our favorite: Nature. As lovers of natural soaps and organic we could only appreciate this exclusive section dedicated to products made only with 100% natural ingredients.

Each card contains detailed information that describes its composition and allows for an informed choice reserved for those who are more careful to use only cosmetics that respect the skin in a natural way.

Maquibeauty review: 5 star brand

In our Maquibeauty review we would like to emphasize that quality and benefits go hand in hand here.

Search for a specific product or your favorite brand, discover the offers and treat yourself to a brand new cosmetic at competitive prices: there are so many reasons that lead you to buy in the Maquibeauty store and in most cases it is a gratifying experience that you will gladly return to on a periodic basis.

Also because if you don't visit the site all the time you risk missing out on excellent opportunities to stock up on cosmetics from major brands and therefore losing promotions that are not found in other online stores.

So be careful not to underestimate the importance of its online showcase: we are sure that after studying it well, and perhaps after trying it, your final vote will also be 5 stars!