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From the East we always get new interesting discoveries that can revolutionize our lives and our well-being.

One of these is the Lion's mane, mushrooms typical of traditional Asian medicine that seem to have incredible properties for taking care of both the emotional and physical spheres. 

How much do you know? If you have never heard of it or if you still have little information about this mushroom, you are in the ideal place to learn more about it. We will start with the presentations and after getting to know him we will also discover the benefits and uses that are now spreading in our area too.

Lion's mane: what are they?

Lion's mane is a name that indicates a kind of mushrooms very special that has found wide use among the healing remedies mainly of China and Japan. The term, already so bizarre, is made even more particular depending on the place where it is mentioned.

In the USA they call it "lion's mane mushroom" or monkey head, but the Japanese usually call it "mountain priest's mushroom" (yamabushitake). These cute nicknames refer to its appearance which resembles a fluffy head. It appears white in color and its surface is bristly. 

Its real full name is Hericium Erinaceus and it falls into the category of nootropics, which, for the uninitiated, are substances capable of improving cognitive faculties.

And in fact it is for this reason that Lion' mane has assumed more and more importance over time: it has the notable advantage of having a positive effect on man's emotional side.

But can a simple mushroom have such effects? In reality, it not only manages to influence the individual's psyche but also has other non-negligible properties for which it is worth getting to know it better and also learning how to use it in our daily lives. 

Lion's mane: properties and benefits for humans

You're still skeptical about the idea that trivial mushrooms can be so powerful, right?

Let's analyze its properties together to understand how true these statements are and give confidence to Lion's mane, unique mushrooms of its kind:

  • They develop and improve cognitive functions. 
  • They improve memory.
  • They increase concentration.
  • They fight stress and depression.
  • They possess antioxidant properties to neutralize free radicals.
  • They have a powerful anti-inflammatory action.
  • They reduce the onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • They prevent cancer.
  • They strengthen the immune system.
  • Injuries to the nervous system heal quickly.
  • They have an antibacterial action and therefore protect against gastric ulcers.

Precisely thanks to the benefits listed above that they bring to the well-being of the person and above all to various spheres, Lion's mane becomes the ideal formula for restoring certain functions such as memory loss and poor concentration, significantly improving brain health. 

But how does it perform its nootropic functions? Let's find out!

How Lion's mane mushrooms affect the brain

To fully understand how the fungus works on a cognitive level, we need to delve into its structural composition. We know that it is made up of the following polysaccharides:

  • Beta-glucan (dietary fiber)
  • heteroglycan (enzyme)
  • heteroxylian (polysaccharide)
  • triterpenes and diterpenes.

Without going into specifics, let us summarize by saying that these elements allow us to act on a neurovegetative level, favoring an improvement in brain function, protecting the tissue that covers the brain and decreasing the formation of serious brain damage.

Its action is performed precisely by developing two important proteins within the brain:

  • NGF: Nerve growth factor that determines the formation of myelin, which is the sheath that allows brain cells to function properly. 
  • BDNF: cerebral neurotrophic factor, which is used to improve brain plasticity and reduce any consequences related to anxious and stressful states.

Did you know that it also stimulates the creation of new neurons? In short, given its innumerable properties it is clear that the lion's mane mushroom is a panacea for keeping the brain and its functionality healthy, also helping it to prevent possible neurovegetative diseases.

Taking the right amount of Lion's mane can therefore be a valid aid in relieving stress, improving mood, feeling more serene mentally and rearranging ideas without that state of confusion that we often accuse in situations of particular anxiety.

Uses of the Lion's mushroom in everyday life

The mushroom with nootropic effects is taken orally. There are specific supplements in the form of capsules, or in powders and extracts, which can be added to the usual diet. But there is still some confusion regarding the recommended dosage. 

According to some, it should not exceed 1500 mg, while for others it can even reach a quantity of 3000 mg. We certainly know that it is better not to exceed these doses and initially start with smaller doses to understand how it affects our emotional state. Then gradually increase.

In the East they also use it to prepare tea infusions! But it's not a taste that everyone likes, so before experimenting in the kitchen, make sure you like it. In fact it is said to closely resemble the sweet taste of crab or lobster. 

In the kitchen it can be used both raw and cooked. Excellent as an additional ingredient for both first and second courses, but only after having washed it carefully and eliminated the water contained in it (just like a normal mushroom).

Bottom line: do these mushrooms have any side effects?

The benefits of Lion's mane mushrooms are obvious. But the side effects? Studies on the mushroom are still recent but currently there is no news on any contraindications.

The only precaution concerns people who are allergic to mushrooms who should not use them for obvious reasons, but otherwise you can easily try its regenerating action for the brain without fearing negative consequences for your physical or emotional well-being.

Ah, we almost forgot to tell you where to buy it! Naturally you can find it in specialized natural medicine stores, in the best-stocked herbalists and also in online stores, even of some farms. The format depends on your preferences: the effects are guaranteed whether you choose the practical capsules or the dried powders.