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Have you ever wondered what is the secret of oriental beauty?

Having soft, luminous and velvety skin is every woman's dream and taking inspiration from those who have made skincare an art is the right direction to obtain satisfactory results.

But how to emulate Korean skincare in our everyday beauty routine? Today we explain how simple it really is, placing the emphasis on the steps to follow and on the products to choose in order not to make mistakes.

Today's focus is on beauty, following the Korean cosmetic tradition which is unrivaled in this sector.

Why exactly Korean skincare

korean skincare

In Korea, taking care of your skin is not a simple daily routine, but a true philosophy that follows a precise ritual to be followed step by step. 

But you don't need to go to Seoul to learn the tricks of the trade! Even you, at home, can achieve the same beauty results by knowing the basics of this unique skincare.

The so-called K-Beauty, or better known as Korean skincare, was born in this land of a thousand shades. The most immediate way to pamper your skin with a series of steps to be carried out both in the morning and in the evening. 

This is not a trivial one beauty routine, but with a precise and in-depth technique that gives a surprisingly toned face right away. 

We couldn't help but love it in the West: it chooses quality products, protects and takes care of the skin layer after layer and leaves nothing to chance.

The benefits of skincare made in Korea

Korean women dedicate a lot of time to their beauty routine: the reason is not to be found only in the desire to always appear well-groomed and perfect, but goes beyond the purely aesthetic aspects.

Protecting the skin from impurities and any other invasive factor becomes a priority here. 

So let's see together what benefits we can get by following their example and trying to see beauty more as an internal fact than an external one:

  • Deeply moisturizes every inch of the face
  • It is a skincare suitable for even the most sensitive skins
  • Reduce blemishes, such as sun spots or acne, without invasive treatment
  • Use only high quality products with delicate formulations
  • Choose a range of cutting-edge options to always offer the best skin
  • Thoroughly removes any impurities or dead cells for luminous and compact skin.

Ready to discover all the steps of an all oriental skincare? 

Korean skincare: how to start

When we talk about Korean skincare, a precise term immediately comes to mind: layering. But do you know its meaning?

It literally means layering and excellently expresses the Korean technique for taking care of the face on a daily basis.

It specifically refers to the layering of products, as it uses those with lighter formulations in the early stages, and then concludes with more full-bodied textures that go deep into the skin for an immediate and lasting effect.

Here is a summary of the phases of this beauty ritual to be performed at least twice, in the morning upon awakening and in the evening before going to sleep.

Warning: each phase consists of several steps until you reach a dozen fundamental actions to do before concluding the beauty routine.


In Korea it is customary to cleanse the skin more than once. The reason? Double cleansing serves to act in depth, before treating the skin with creams and serums that would otherwise have limited action.

korean skincare

The first step is in fact considered the most superficial and is carried out using a make-up remover oil. Then we move on to more thorough cleansing with the help of a more foamy or gel face cleanser. It not only aims to clean the impurities related to smog or any make-up residues, but also to eliminate traces of the make-up remover just used.


Using a scrub is the most immediate way to remove dead cells and obtain luminous skin with a transparent complexion. So the next step requires the need to exfoliate the skin of the face with products which, with constant use, do not risk irritating it. 

We are used to buying scrubs in granules because we have been taught that its scratching action is more effective. Well, women in Korea don't think so! They prefer to use the so-called chemical or enzymatic scrub, water-based, which penetrates deeper and does not cause hypersensitivity reactions. 


The preparatory phase for the actual treatment has almost come to an end and concludes with the use of a non-aggressive tonic. Start hydrating your skin, balancing the pH and making sure there are still no impurities that you missed in the previous steps. 

Here too we dispel a myth linked to the western beauty routine: we usually apply the toner using cotton pads. In Korea they prefer to use their hands instead! And the result is equally outstanding.


Halfway between toning and hydrating there are intermediate steps that often each of us mistakenly considers a plus to be carried out only 1 or 2 times a week. 

These are the face mask, the essence and the serum. The first, preferably in fabric, requires a few more moments to respect the shutter speed. But you don't have to think of it as a waste of time: it's instead a way to pamper yourself and relax for a few minutes without thinking about anything.

Moisturizing water, which in Korean skincare is known as essence, is the big news made in Korea. If you have never heard of it, it is only because it is not yet well known in the West. But what exactly is it? It is a liquid lotion, also in a spray version, which hydrates the skin, firming and illuminating, and prepares it for the application of the serum.

Serum, on the other hand, we know it well and it needs no introduction: it purifies, mattifies and hydrates.


The actual hydration phase begins with eye contour products. Their purpose is to prevent and combat the signs of aging and especially the wrinkles that tend to appear. 

Then of course it's time for the moisturizer, universally recognized as the final step of every beauty routine. The choice of type does not depend on Korean cosmetics, but on your skin type. The essential thing is that it can protect and allow greater absorption of the products previously applied. 

Lotions are also fine, as long as they retain the same moisturizing properties of the classic cream.

Skincare products: some advice directly from the Orient

These are the steps that every woman in Korea performs morning and evening to have skin that is always splendid and protected from external agents.

But that's not all: there are also other products that amplify skincare and allow you to achieve even more surprising results. 

Which? Here's what makes its appearance in the beauty case:

  • bb Cream, which tends to even out skin tone and can be used both as a moisturizer and as a makeup base. To be used in the morning before going out.
  • sunscreen, which protects against UV rays and their harmful action on the skin, preserving it from the appearance of spots or redness. 
  • face masks for the night, also known as sleeping masks, which help treat your face while you sleep and must only be removed in the morning.

If Korean skincare has conquered you too, all you have to do is start giving yourself a few more minutes during your beauty routine and let yourself be pampered by the cutting-edge products you find on the market and which can take care of your skin with natural ingredients and light textures , in line with current trends.