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In everyday life, often hectic and stressful, it can become normal that sexual desire, also known as libido, is not always constant. But why does it fluctuate and what are the most common causes?

We are well aware that sexual impulses depend on many factors, both external and internal, but this does not mean that they cannot become active again with simple and absolutely natural remedies. In fact, if it is not a health-related problem (of medical competence) it is possible to act without resorting to treatment but by following simple suggestions and taking natural supplements that can facilitate sexual intercourse.

So what to do to maintain or rekindle a healthy sexual desire? And can it be done even at an older age? 

If you want to find out how to increase libido and get back to living your sexuality normally, follow us in this article. We really want to describe the simple methods and natural remedies to increase desire. 

What is libido? 

Libido is another way to define sexual desire. It therefore indicates what arouses all sexual impulses in both men and women. 

Contrary to what one might think, it does not only arise from hormonal conditions, but also depends on external factors, such as habits, quality of life and sleep, mental serenity and, of course, age. 

It is a delicate subject that has many facets and we are not always aware of the ease with which libido can be lost due to stressful or psychologically depriving conditions. Instinctively, one immediately thinks of a problem to be "treated", but often it is enough just to identify the triggering cause and work on it, to solve an embarrassing and demotivating situation without discomfort.

The libido is not the same for everyone and therefore, before understanding how to find it again, it is advisable to shed light on oneself to understand when it decreased and for what reasons.

Why desire subsides: probable causes

Let's try together to analyze any causes that may have decreased desire. 

The first enemy of sexuality is anxiety. It's hard to feel urges when you're feeling anxious: clinical studies show that anxiety often leads to sexual dysfunction. If you find yourself in a difficult situation that makes you anxious, you will inevitably feel the same pressure in your intimacy, negatively affecting your libido. Likewise, depressive states are equally deleterious. 

Nutrition can also play a central role in this problem. As? It seems that some foods are the opposite of an aphrodisiac and decrease libido. Especially foods that are high in sodium because they raise blood pressure, fried foods that clog arteries and reduce blood flow, or any fat that lowers testosterone levels. 

And then of course there are alcohol and drugs which are historical enemies of all sorts of cravings.

Male virility supplements to increase libido

For men, the loss of libido is an even more difficult burden to accept. That's why there are specific erection supplements that help restore normality and serenity in married life. They are not drugs and have no contraindications: they are the ideal remedy to recover one's virility without consequences. 

how to increase libido

The sexual supplements are essentially natural as they are made with ingredients borrowed from nature, such as herbs and roots, whose extracts act from within bringing visible benefits in a short time. Furthermore, they are also ideal in older age because they have no side effects and they work. Here are some of the best known:

  • Ginseng. It has a positive impact on libido and sexual drives. It also regulates blood pressure.
  • Maca. It is one of the most popular aphrodisiac herbs because it has a very high potential in increasing libido and physical resistance. In fact it is energizing.
  • Gingko Biloba. From its extract we obtain a compound used to make excellent supplements capable of improving sexual dysfunction and the degree of excitement.

How to increase libido naturally

In addition to supplements, there are other natural remedies that are easily replicable in everyday life. More than methods, they are suggestions for changing unhealthy habits or situations that can generate stress. In practice it is a question of acting directly on one's life, from the outside, and it seems to be a very valid remedy for improving these dysfunctions.

So how to increase libido without drugs or natural supplements?

Try to follow these short and simple tips:

  • Sleep well. Sleep helps to face our days with more energy. If this moment is lived badly then you pay the consequences in everyday life. So not only good sleep but also in the right amount.
  • Healthy eating. Supplement your diet with a higher protein and carbohydrate intake. Also add foods called aphrodisiacs, such as chocolate, fruits such as avocado, which improve desire and mood.
  • Manage anxiety. Since anxious states are not even good for intimacy, it is advisable to learn how to manage it, control it and always keep it monitored. A good remedy is meditation, which helps to relax. Or indulge in your hobbies continuously to distract your mind from negative thoughts.
  • Think positive and love yourself more. It seems strange, but even self-esteem can be an indication of problems that also affect sexual life. So having a good opinion of yourself is a starting point for preventing or solving the problem.

Reminder: don't forget to nurture the relationship!

We talked about the causes that determine the loss of libido, natural remedies and suggestions to apply in our lives. What is missing? 

There is one thing that has not yet been said but it is essential to solve sexual dysfunctions. We are talking about married life.

Especially in long-term relationships it can happen over the years to see the sexual chemistry that was very strong at the beginning of the relationship diminish. Everyday life, family problems and quarrels, in short, everything that routine entails, can cause discomfort and decrease desire.

But all this can be solved by working together on the report. Without having to go to couples therapy, you can try to stimulate a rebirth of impulses with some classic tricks such as a trip together alone, a romantic evening or a walk in the places where love was born.  

If the relationship improves, the mood also improves and it will be easier to find that libido that has not disappeared but only dormant and requires some small effort on your part to be awakened.