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In the female universe, the menstrual cycle represents an obligatory stage which, however, can often prove difficult to live with due to pain or irregularities that already strike at a very young age.

So what to do?

There are absolutely natural remedies that can help you better deal with those five days a month without stress and anxieties. We are not talking about drugs, but about natural supplements to regulate the cycle, formulated with simple substances from nature that act without any contraindications.

We are here to discover them together and say goodbye to such annoying irregularities. 

The menstrual cycle and hormonal influence

The menstrual cycle is a physiological event that involves all women from the age of 10-12. It is not a disorder but a real stage of the female body which determines the beginning of fertility and ends with menopause (around the age of 50).

The whole process is linked to hormones and a hormonal imbalance can in fact be the cause of various problems such as abdominal pain and irregularity.

In the first case we speak of dysmenorrhea and occurs with symptoms such as abdominal cramps often linked to back pain and headaches. Their duration is limited to the duration of the cycle itself, but they almost always run out after the first day. 

The second case, equally frequent, is the irregularity of the cycle which can depend on many causes (including stress). Before intervening it is essential to understand the reasons together with the trusted gynecologist and then you can intervene with the use of natural substances that help physiologically without causing collateral damage to the body. 

So let's find out what an irregular cycle means and how to behave.

And if the cycle is not regular?

Knowing the phases of your menstrual cycle is certainly an advantage for women. Yet it is not always that simple.

In principle, the average duration of a cycle is 28 days. 

However, when the phases of the cycle do not fall within the period of time ranging from 24 to 31 days, we speak of an irregular cycle.

But what could be the causes? Here we list the most common:

  • stress
  • hormonal imbalances
  • taking medications
  • excessive weight changes
  • wrong power supply
  • physiological problems

If this biorhythm that accompanies women on a monthly basis tends to occur a few days earlier or later, but sporadically, there's nothing to worry about.

If, on the other hand, the irregularity becomes constant, it is advisable to ask for a doctor's consultation and start using natural remedies that can improve the situation and bring it back to normal.

In fact, there are many supplements to regulate the cycle, which derive from substances whose properties are ideal for restoring normal balance.

Supplements to regulate the cycle

Supplements that help regulate the menstrual cycle act from within to relieve muscle tension, normalize hormonal activity by counteracting any alterations and also affect flow.

No drugs, no therapy: they are just natural supplements that tend to regulate the cycle and often also help relieve the pains that accompany this phase. 

Let's get to know the most frequent substances that have proven efficacy when administered in the form of a supplement to women with this problem.

Chaste tree

The most frequent plant that you find in supplements to regulate the cycle is certainly the chaste tree. Not only does it have the ability to normalize it, but it also acts on menstrual and premenstrual disorders.

Chaste tree, or Vitex agnus castus, belongs to the Verbenaceae family and grows in more temperate regions. It is only its fruits that are used to formulate the aforementioned supplements. 

Its main properties are three: soothing, relaxing and hormonal. Therefore it is excellent not only for acting on hormone alterations, but also on mood swings or physical ailments related to the cycle. 

In premenstrual syndrome, its extracts are used to relieve headaches, but also water retention, breast pain, and even skin rashes such as acne.

Furthermore, it also improves the feeling of tiredness, anxiety and even the sleep

Chasteberry-based supplements are found in tablets or drops and must be taken once or twice a day, away from meals.

Rubus Idaeus

Did you know that raspberries help regulate periods?

For this reason there are effective supplements based on Rubus Idaeus, a raspberry bud extract that has rebalancing properties that act directly on the hormonal system. 

Also in this case, as for the Agnocasto, it is used both in the menstrual syndrome and in the premenstrual one. From irritability to irregularities, it is offered as a natural remedy that intervenes internally without any side effects or contraindications.

Salvia Officinalis

Sage, from the Lamiaceae family, is not only used in the kitchen!

In the form of a liquid extract or infusion, it is a panacea in problems of menstrual cycle irregularities. In its formulation, in fact, there is an essential oil that stimulates the hormonal system and helps to normalize the appearance of the flow.

Sage-based supplements are also indicated for those entering the menopause phase, because they relieve mood swings and hot flashes. 

Supplements, nutrition and healthy habits 

The action of supplements is the ideal solution when you want to solve the problem of cycle irregularity. But it's not the only one: combined with a correct diet and healthy habits, results can be obtained even faster.

The foods to be preferred are based on vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and above all minerals that must not be lacking in the daily diet. In particular iron, zinc, manganese which act directly on the endocrine system and for this reason are often present in many supplements to regulate the cycle.

Naturally, avoiding industrial products such as snacks or frozen pre-cooked foods always helps, even to not gain weight and eat healthier.

The lifestyle must exclude activities that generate forms of stress and anxiety which are often at the root of the problem. So you have to dedicate your own space even within a very hectic day and try to sleep more, as the quality of sleep strongly affects the mood and emotional state of each of us.

The combined action of supplements, nutrition and lifestyle helps to improve the situation when irregularities occur involving the female cycle.