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The problem related to glycemia it is quite common and we must not underestimate the importance of monitoring one's own values also through a regular and balanced diet. 

Did you know that there are foods that lower blood sugar completely naturally?

Today we really want to talk to you about how consuming certain foods can contribute to greater well-being and to bring down glycemic peaks to avoid having unpleasant repercussions on health.

After a brief overview of blood sugar and its consequences in case of too high indices, we reveal the 5 foods that can help you with taste on the table.

What is blood sugar and what does it mean?

Blood sugar is a medical term that is used to indicate the level of glucose in the blood. A higher concentration of sugars determines the so-called high blood sugar which can become dangerous for human health when the values are too unbalanced.

That is why they must be constantly monitored, especially in those most at risk such as people who suffer from diabetes. High blood sugar occurs when insulin, the hormone used to control blood sugar levels, does not do its job correctly and since there is no other body that takes care of lowering the values, they tend to rise excessively causing disorders and pathologies.

Blood sugar and balanced diet

Fortunately, there are non-invasive solutions that allow you to remedy this situation through nutrition. It's just a matter of knowing the foods that lower blood sugar and making them a constant in your weekly menu. As part of a correct balanced diet, these foods become health allies and excellent ingredients for delicious dishes to prepare at home.

On the other hand, however, it is also necessary to know the foods which instead have the opposite effect, as they are rich in sugars, and which therefore must be carefully avoided. Any examples? 

  • Snacks, candies and sweets;
  • Sugary drinks and fruit juices;
  • Spirits.

So discard these foods from your shopping list and focus only on the healthy foods that we are now going to describe, to take advantage of all their benefits, monitor your weight and improve the health of your body.

Foods that lower blood sugar

Foods that lower blood sugar are good for everyone, even those who don't suffer from high blood sugar! That's why they should be taken regularly during meals, improving everyone's quality of life.

However, anyone who realizes that they have exaggeratedly high blood glucose levels, after careful examinations by the doctor and blood tests, absolutely cannot do without it. 

Curious to know what they are? We provide you with 5 healthy foods to consume frequently.

  1. Fruit

That fruit is a panacea for health is a fact. but choosing carefully which fruits to buy in case of high blood sugar can really make a difference. In particular, citrus fruits, blueberries, avocado and mango are the categories to prefer and consume on the table or during breaks as a snack.

foods that lower blood sugar

Lemons, tangerines, grapefruit and oranges are excellent foods that can lower blood sugar. They are also a source of vitamin C and contain fibers that help improve intestinal function.

Blueberries affect the production of insulin and therefore intervene directly on the problem, avoiding the risks of dangerous glycemic peaks.

Avocado has the power to slow down the release of sugar in the blood, while mango contains vitamins and mineral salts that are good for the body and even in small daily doses it is capable of lowering blood glucose levels.

  1. Vegetables

A substantial supply of fibre, vitamins and mineral salts make vegetables already a healthy food. Some vegetables also manage to lower blood sugar levels. Which? These are mainly green leafy vegetables that we can group in this list:

  • Chard;
  • Spinach;
  • Lettuce;
  • Cabbage;
  • Turnip tops.

Both cooked and raw, they preserve all the nutrients and promote many benefits in the body.

  1. Chia seeds

Ideal in many food plans, such as in the ketogenic diet, chia seeds are also able to monitor blood sugar by stabilizing glucose levels. But they also have other qualities to keep in mind: they lower bad cholesterol, monitor blood pressure, increase the sense of satiety and are excellent as a natural anti-inflammatory.

  1. Spices

In this top five that brings together foods that surprisingly lower blood sugar, we also find spices. Often considered only a condiment to enrich foods, not everyone knows that they are very healthy for the body and can help reduce blood sugar. 

They also improve metabolism and can be consumed at will even by those with diabetes. Which ones are they? Turmeric, cumin seeds, ginger, mustard, curry, coriander. 

  1. Whole grains

In their whole grain version, cereals do not contribute to altering sugar levels by raising blood sugar and therefore can (and must!) be consumed regularly by those suffering from disorders of this type. 

Rich in fibre, they are also good for the intestine and can be eaten at any time of the day and in association with other foods with which they go very well. An example? Low-fat yogurt and oatmeal!

Whole grains to alternate are: pearl barley, spelt, rye bread and oatmeal.

How to take foods that lower blood sugar

Aware that the abuse of some foods can have undesirable effects, we give you some indications on the quantities to take when you bring these 5 foods to the table. 

Fruits and vegetables should be included in every meal. Whole grains and chia seeds, on the other hand, are best consumed only once a day without exaggerating, also because they contain a lot of fiber and could cause intestinal problems if in excessive quantities.

Spices, on the other hand, have no specific contraindications and therefore can flavor dishes at any time of the day. 

The advice is to focus on recipes that have low glycemic index carbohydrates and lots of fiber, ensuring the right amount of nutrients distributed between proteins and fats. This way you get a healthy and balanced diet plan and you can monitor your blood glucose levels without fear of harming your health.