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Raise your hand if you can't stand those hateful pads on your legs that give the orange peel effect!

Well, we bet that no one likes them, in fact they represent a very serious problem for most women, especially as the summer season approaches.

Yet it is not at all easy to eliminate them and therefore in some cases it is necessary to intervene with a shock therapy, based on sports, draining and, even more importantly, with an anti-cellulite diet capable of giving a decisive turning point to the problem.

If you don't know what we're talking about, you're in the right place. Today we want to focus on every woman's number one enemy: cellulite. Let's find out what causes it, what foods help reduce it and how to eliminate it quickly with a diet to follow for at least a week.

Why does cellulite form?

Cellulite is not only a problem from an aesthetic point of view, but is an indication of a non-optimal state of health that involves circulation. This is why we must not underestimate it but find the right solutions to leave it behind and return to showing off the legs of a true star.

We start from the assumption that with the right precautions, cellulite can also be prevented: a balanced diet, the right intake of liquids and healthy and constant sporting activity hinder the formation of fat deposits on the legs. But there are still factors that must be kept in mind that can somehow favor its unpleasant appearance:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • weight gain;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • constipation.

Here are some obvious causes that can have a strong impact. In the case of cellulite, even in the early stages, fat begins to accumulate in the lower part of the body, excess fluids stagnate, favoring the phenomenon called water retention and waste accumulates. In this phase it is the circulation that is most affected, with a consequence that is also visible externally: a skin devoid of elasticity which is commonly defined as "orange peel".

Foods against cellulite: permitted foods and prohibited foods

anti-cellulite diet

The female nightmare called cellulite, however, has weak points on which it is necessary to intervene to deal with the problem permanently. These are some foods which, in the opinion of doctors and nutritionists, can hinder its formation or contribute to eliminating it.

A balanced, healthy and balanced diet has always been the secret to timeless beauty. But with the frenetic pace of life to which we are accustomed and with the greedy temptations which we often cannot resist, we do not always remember it!

This is why we want to give you a reminder to hang on the fridge that will help you make an accurate shopping list that can also combat cellulite. And that's not all: these are ideal foods for an anti-cellulite diet that must be part of our day-to-day routine.

So let's find out which foods are allowed and which foods are absolutely forbidden!

Cellulite diet: what to eat

To start an effective and fast anti-cellulite diet, these foods must not be missing from your menu:

  • fruit: melon, watermelon, apricots, red apples, pineapple, blueberry, Kiwi.
  • Greens and greens: tomatoes, fennel, aubergines, carrots, spinach, celery.
  • Legumes: broad beans, peas, preferably fresh (and not dried).
  • Fish: sole, swordfish, and especially fish rich in Omega 3.
  • White meat: chicken, rabbit, turkey.

The common thread is to be found in their ability to increase diuresis by eliminating excess fluids and therefore reducing water retention and subcutaneous fat. This is why we must always prefer foods naturally rich in potassium, which also purifies the body of waste. 

Furthermore, some of these permitted foods eliminate swelling from the legs, act on blood vessels and stimulate circulation.

Foods to avoid in the anti-cellulite diet

anti-cellulite diet

Let's now analyze the foods that are not allowed in an anti-cellulite diet, but which should in any case be significantly reduced in general in your usual diet. In fact, these are foods that promote the formation of adipose tissue and should be consumed in moderation, especially if you also notice a predisposition to cellulite in your body.

This time the common thread is sodium, one of the most common causes of cellulite. So say no to:

  • canned foods, 
  • cured meat,
  • egg,
  • asparagus,
  • mature cheeses,
  • ready meals, such as creamed potatoes or ready-to-heat soups (rich in sodium),
  • sodas,
  • alcoholic beverages,
  • sweets.

Finally, moderate the consumption of pasta, bread and cereals.

Anti-cellulite diet: how to eliminate cellulite in 7 days

Does an anti-cellulite diet that works in just one week really exist? Well yes, and we present it to you in its various food choices to adapt to your preferences and tastes. Naturally, a premise is obligatory: it is always best to consult your doctor before starting, as it is a fast and therefore shocking journey that not everyone faces in the same way. Indeed, if you feel too weakened and lose your strength, you should stop immediately!

So what to eat on the 7 days of the week included in the anti-cellulite diet?


Breakfast: choose between tea, coffee or herbal tea (without sugar).

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: light pepper and aubergine caponata or vegetable soup (season only with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil).

Dinner: prawns with vegetable salad (raw) or chicken breast with salad. Optionally add a fruit (for example: a slice of melon).

Mid-day snacks: a fruit of your choice between apples or apricots.


Breakfast: choice of tea or pineapple juice.

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: rich salad with escarole, fennel, tomatoes and radishes seasoned with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil; or a sea bream with a side of spinach.

Dinner: a grilled turkey burger with a side of steamed cauliflower or a celery and carrot salad.

Mid-day snacks: a pear, a fennel or a carrot.


Breakfast: choice between green tea or herbal tea or coffee.

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: seasonal fruit salad chosen from those allowed in the anti-cellulite diet or fish soup and salad.

Dinner: a sole or turkey meat, with a side salad.

Mid-day snacks: orange juice, carrot juice or fennel.


Breakfast: choice of grapefruit juice, coffee or herbal tea 

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: mix of steamed cauliflower, carrots and courgettes or grilled chicken breast with a side of spinach and carrots. 

Dinner: a slice of swordfish or legume salad. Side dish of your choice between steamed vegetables or aubergines.

Mid-day snacks: a slice of melon or watermelon, two slices of pineapple or a cup of cranberry juice.


Breakfast: choice between orange juice, barley coffee or herbal tea 

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: mixed salad of raw or steamed vegetables or salmon with a side of grilled vegetables.

Dinner: a trout baked in foil or a low-fat cheese, to be accompanied with a side salad or grilled vegetables.

Mid-day snacks: almonds, an apple, a kiwi or a slice of pineapple.


Breakfast: choice between coffee, green tea or herbal tea 

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: natural tuna with rocket salad (dressed with oil and lemon juice) or a slice of swordfish.

Dinner: rabbit or chicken burger with a side of boiled spinach or steamed vegetables.

Mid-day snacks: blueberry juice or a kiwi.


Breakfast: choice of coffee, tea or herbal tea 

4 rusks or 4 wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch: steamed hake or a slice of turkey meat with spinach cream.

Dinner: grilled fish or hamburger with a side of mixed salad or aubergines.

Mid-day snacks: blueberry or pineapple juice, or optionally a carrot or tomato juice.

So, what do you think of this anti-cellulite diet to do in a week? No more excuses: now you have all the means to act against this skin blemish whose days are numbered!