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Have you ever experienced signs of tiredness already in the morning? Well, often we don't need to look for the causes in the night just spent but go deeper, because it could be the so-called chronic fatigue, a state of perennial fatigue that has multiple causes which we will tell you about shortly.

How to recognize it? It is often accompanied by other symptoms that make it easier to diagnose. 

We therefore want to face the insidious topic head-on and find valid natural solutions.

Chronic tiredness remedies: let's find out everything we need now! 

Chronic fatigue: how to recognize it

Feeling tired and without energy can happen to everyone after a particularly stressful period or after a tiring and busy day. Yet if it's sporadic cases, there's no need to be alarmed: just pull the plug and rest for the time it takes to recharge your energy and you can eliminate it without hangovers.

But what if fatigue persists day after day? Well, in this case it is better to investigate any other symptoms to understand if it is chronic fatigue, or that malaise that leads to debilitating the person slowly and without rest being able to help return to normalcy.

What are the most frequent symptoms that occur during chronic fatigue? Here they are in this list:

  • Fast heart rate;
  • Insomnia;
  • Muscle aches;
  • Gastrointestinal problems with cramps and colitis;
  • Mental confusion and poor concentration;
  • Nervousness;
  • Decreased immune defenses;
  • The need to urinate more often than usual;
  • Thyroid problems;
  • altered voice;
  • Boredom and lack of energy and desire to do.

Are there any remedies for chronic fatigue? Certainly, and we want to emphasize the more natural ones. But first it is important to understand the causes that can lead to this state of physical and mental illness.

The causes of chronic fatigue

chronic fatigue remedies

When we talk about general tiredness we are led to think that it is almost always a reaction of the body to stress and physical fatigue. Yet the causes are to be found both in problems related to the body, but often those related to our psyche are frequent, often put to the test by daily difficulties.

Let's analyze the two causes separately in order to understand which group the discomfort could belong to and treat it with the most targeted and effective remedy.

Physical causes

From weight to illness, up to simple and temporary alterations due to changes in habits. Here are the most frequent physical causes that lead to feeling tired all the time:

  • Weight problems. Being overweight brings both physical and mental discomfort that is not indifferent. But did you know that being excessively thin also has the same effect? And these negative sensations with their consequences in everyday life can lead to chronic fatigue.
  • Illnesses. From diabetes to anemia, up to simple less serious infections: all these situations are a sign of discomfort which is also reflected in the widespread tiredness of having to deal with specific care and treatments day by day.
  • Lack of training. Moving little affects a lot the energy you invest in your days. In fact, it means that the amount of sprints is so minimal that poor physical fitness often depletes it immediately and therefore causes chronic fatigue that is difficult to get rid of.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding are other situations that alter the normal cycle of women and can cause forms of fatigue from stress.
  • Sleeping little and badly. Lack of sleep generates a series of consequences in humans also on a physical level. The waking/sleeping cycle must be well dosed in order not to negatively affect the emergence of forms of persistent tiredness.

Psychological causes

And what about the mental sphere? Worries, stressful situations, anxieties: these are mental illnesses that affect the body and are among the most common causes of chronic fatigue in most people.

 Depression is also closely related to this form of fatigue and often in a circular relationship that needs to be treated quickly in the bud.

Chronic fatigue effective remedies

Looking for non-invasive solutions free from side effects, here we are talking about chronic fatigue natural remedies, easy to observe but very effective.

And let's start with nutrition: often the most useful remedy for solving many psycho-physical discomforts.

Let's start immediately by saying that all packaged and pre-cooked foods are to be avoided! Better fresh foods, preferably organic if we are talking about fruit and vegetables, and which are not too saturated with sugars.

You can abound with cereals, legumes, and fish, but above all with foods rich in magnesium: green leafy vegetables, peas, almonds, cocoa and peanuts, which seem to have an excellent effect against chronic fatigue symptoms.

And to drink? Don't hesitate to drink probiotics that are always good for you, and be daring with some energizing herbal teas that can give you the sprint you need to start again.

Chronic fatigue and drowsiness: remedies

If chronic fatigue is closely linked to drowsiness, it is necessary to intervene in a different way. In fact, it can happen that in addition to feeling very tired, you just want to sleep, at any time of the day.

chronic fatigue remedies

This drowsiness, combined with persistent exhaustion, must be fought with some natural remedies that involve your habits. Basically it's time to change them to checkmate your psycho-physical malaise. Here are the three factors to intervene on:

  • Wake/sleep cycle. Don't let sleep disrupt your regular waking and sleeping cycles. Always go to sleep at the same time and without burdening yourself with food during dinner. 
  • Avoid energizing herbal teas close to the night. They should only be taken during the day to avoid dozing off more than necessary.
  • Do physical activity during the day: it will help you feel more energetic and then you will feel the need to rest at the right times.

Chronic fatigue from stress: remedies

And against stress there is no other solution than to relax! Yes, but how?

Here are some of our suggestions that might help you:

  • Outdoor walks;
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • Do yoga;
  • Rest at least 8 hours a night;
  • Take some free time;
  • Don't drink too much coffee or alcohol;
  • Regularize sleep;
  • Regularize lunch and dinner times;
  • Drink plenty of water to facilitate sweating;
  • Unplug from your job responsibilities and tasks when you leave the office or workplace.
  • Allow yourself moments of aromatherapy to escape with your mind.

Chronic fatigue remedies: when?

When dealing with the topic of "chronic fatigue remedies" it is natural that the word rest comes before any other solution, but it is not always possible to make it concrete in everyday life. This is why it is necessary to make an effort to prevent tiredness and stress with all the consequences of the case from altering our daily lives.

So already at the first symptoms that alert you to any forms of unjustified but continuous tiredness, ask yourself a few questions and also consult your doctor to feel safer: but don't wait for it to pass by itself because often waiting only contributes to making the situation worse. 

There are many revitalizing remedies that can help: without even realizing it you will be ready to return to your everyday activities with a feeling of relaxation that you will no longer be able to do without.

Herbal teas, supplements, food and rest: in the right doses, these are the elements that naturally fight exhaustion and fatigue and free you from chronic tiredness permanently.