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One of the most bitter enemies in our diet are carbohydrates. In a scheme Keto the intake of foods with carbohydrates is minimal precisely because it is advisable to reduce consumption to have more effective results on weight loss and activate the ketosis process which is so important in overall weight loss.

Yet it is difficult to give up carbohydrates, especially pasta. It is often very difficult to accept the general rules of a ketogenic diet precisely because of the difficulty of having to do without a good plate of pasta on the table.

For this reason, ketogenic pasta was born: a healthy alternative to be seasoned to taste but with a reduced glucid content.

But does it really exist or is it just an illusion? And what benefits can it bring to the body apart from weight loss? Let's analyze its characteristics together and find out if what they say about carbohydrate-free pasta is all true.

What is ketogenic pasta?

Ketogenic pasta is a very special preparation that is not made with wheat but with low-calorie ingredients that are free (or almost) of carbohydrates. It is now found practically everywhere, from the supermarket to the online store, and can be chosen in different formats. Just like traditional pasta, there are penne, spaghetti and tagliatelle and there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to toppings.

ketogenic pasta

Its flavor is not as we imagine it, so we don't think it is the same as the pasta with which we usually prepare our delicacies. However, cooking al dente and the possibility of seasoning it to taste make it still tasty and appetizing.

The idea originates from the East, but has now taken hold in the West as well as the ideal pasta in low-carb diets.

Types of pasta with zero (or few) carbohydrates

How many types of pasta for the ketogenic diet are there? Exotic or not, preparations in this sense seem to increase, but at the moment we can divide them into three types. 

The first is carbohydrate-free, like the shirataki noodles. The other two, on the other hand, are low in carbohydrates, but are still preferred to traditional pasta in many diet regimens.

Shirataki with konjac flour

The most popular ketogenic pasta is the one made with konjac flour. To prepare it, a specific Asian root is used which, when properly processed, gives rise to the aforementioned flour. Raise your hand who has never heard of Shirataki Noodles! Someone also calls them miraculous tagliatelle because they are absolutely calorie-free but above all carbohydrate-free. Well, they are made with konjac flour and contain a high content of glucomannan, a soluble fiber with properties that help intestinal processes.

Particularly indicated in the keto diet, they have a slightly viscous consistency and are found on the market in mainly long formats (spaghetti and tagliatelle) even if it is not uncommon to see the variant that resembles rice grains.

Soy based paste

A low-carb alternative to pasta is soybean paste. Here too we have to thank the Orientals who introduced us to this type of food to be used as a first course. Low in calories, with a texture reminiscent of traditional pasta and with a neutral flavour. 

It is preferably used in the kitchen with exotic recipes that enhance its properties, but you can also let your imagination run wild and season it according to your tastes. Present in the ketogenic diet, it has the advantage of having a low glycemic index and reduced calories.

Legume-based pasta

Finally, there is legume-based pasta. Of course, carbohydrates are not non-existent in their preparation, but they still contain a lot of protein and are therefore indicated in some diets to replace durum wheat pasta.

Legume flours are very nutritious but are not properly indicated in the ketogenic diet, where legumes are one of the foods to avoid.

Where to buy ketogenic pasta and rice

We recently made a partnership with a very good shop with whom we have been collaborating for some time. They have a lot of Keto friendly and low carb products. Keto pasta or rice can be purchased directly from their online store: Pink Food. Also using the discount code NG2206 you have a 10% discount on your first purchase!

Keto pasta: properties and defects

And so here we are talking about ketogenic pasta and its properties. Did you know that it has many benefits besides helping you lose weight faster? Let's find out the most important together: 

  • Digestible and light. It helps keep fit and doesn't weigh you down.
  • Reduces constipation due to the high quantity of fibres.
  • Regulates blood cholesterol to normal levels.
  • Lower your glucose level.
  • It has a remarkable satiating power and therefore helps not to constantly look for food between one meal and another.
  • It has very few calories.
  • Fights diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism.

Ketogenic pasta is indicated in low-carb, low-sugar diets for diabetics and of course in keto diets.

And the contraindications? A carbohydrate-free pasta is not suitable for those who take specific medications and for those who must not exaggerate with fibers because they may suffer from diarrhea and bloating.

On the other hand, it's perfectly fine for people who are intolerant to gluten, celiacs and diabetics. The only recommendation is not to make it the only staple food. In fact, it does not contain some nutrients necessary for the human body and in the long run it could give rise to other problems related to food shortages.

Some ideas in the kitchen for tasty and healthy recipes

Cooking ketogenic pasta with caloric condiments is a contradiction that should be absolutely avoided. If on the one hand we reduce the intake of calories and carbohydrates, on the other it is also essential to pay attention to the sauces with which we can accompany it in order not to cancel the benefits necessary for losing weight.

Any ideas to bring to the table? Shirataki noodles could be prepared with basil pesto or with tuna and cherry tomatoes. A fresh and summery dish that is good for everyone and does not have many calories.

All the vegetable-based condiments are excellent, also taking inspiration from the oriental tradition that has handed down to us many recipes in this sense.

Even meat-based sauces go well with ketogenic pasta and enhance its flavor. So not only will it be possible to continue enjoying pasta on the table, but it will also be possible to do it with delicious recipes, such as the meat sauce that cannot be missing from Italian tables on Sunday lunchtime.